Saturday, May 26, 2012

Birthday Safari!

Hey Guys!
 So my birthday was last Sunday and my mom surprised me (and Rocky, her bf, cause his b-day was right before mine) and took us to Santa Rosa for a safari!! It was so amazing!!! The animals were so gorgeous and I was just loving seeing every one of them. (I am a huge animal lover if you haven't caught on) So this will be a super picture heavy post with no fashion...except animal print. ;)

The giraffes and antelope were so beautiful, I wanted to pet them but we had to keep our hands to ourselves.

The rhinos were my favorite! There was a male and a female. They said they are like extremely heavy dogs...and they totally were! There was a lady cleaning the area they go into to sleep and she told them to get out while she was in there and they backed out with their heads down and galloped away like a puppy. It was so cute!!

Ostriches are crazy! lol they were chasing us and trying to peck at one of the safari leaders. They said it doesn't hurt when they try to bite, just don't let them kick you! Their feathers look crazy soft!

These wildebeests were really interesting. We initially saw one really high up the hill and we were told that he was banned from the rest because there is only one male for the group and he was not it. :( ..I felt really bad. The last pic here is of the male that goes with the group of females. His leg is messed up so he has to hop on the other three legs. That poor other guy could totally take on this guy. The little white one is the new baby of the group.

These were the cape buffalo. They are super dangerous so we couldn't park too close and had to keep driving when we got closer, the safari leads seemed a tad scared of them so I knew I should be too. They're so handsome though and didn't mess with us.

Aren't they just gorgeous?! The safari lead said we were lucky cause his earlier safari ride didn't see ANY zebras at all and they don't know where they went. But for us they literally just stood there for a long time as we sat and stared at them and took pics, they seemed like they were posing lol


This orange bird was so pretty, he knows whats up about the neon trend right now. lol

This other bird followed us around the bird area, he was really tall and cool looking!

These long haired monkeys were so fun to watch! I love monkeys, and chimps, and gorillas and all of them. They are so human like and amazing! There was a new baby that just wanted to play and wrestle with his mom the whole time. SO good! (In my Sophia Grace voice)

I just love a wild cat! Gorgeous!


This huge tortoise was fast and looked like he was going to climb that fence. I love a tortoise!

Porcupines! (We actually got to see a little mating going on with these two)

This little wild cat was pacing staring at the monkeys. GAHH I wish I could pet them and give them loves! lol...and have them not tear me apart.

These were the amazing cheetahs!! You can barely see them but they're there and they're everything! Ugh, I love a cheetah, I wish they would come closer but they were out there sleeping and staying away from us.

I love animals so much, this was such a great Birthday present!! Thanks momma!

And thank YOU for viewing! =)

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