Monday, May 7, 2012

Thrift Haul

Hey guys!
 So I went to a couple thrift stores lately, including one on Friday where all clothes were 30% off for early Cinco De Mayo with Josie and my mom. Found some good things and for great prices! They both found great things too. I got a couple DIY pieces, and found a couple more home pieces from Home Goods.

DIY pieces:

To shorts.

I'd like to take the sleeves off of this.

I'd like to use the collar from this men's shirt.

Home stuff:

This is a doggy treat holder but I am going to use it for my sugar.

This awesome demon holds a candle and watches the front door.

Thanks for visiting! <3


  1. Looks like you found some great things! That treat holder is too cute!

  2. cute purchases as usual ^^

    love from the NANA girls xoxo

  3. Amazing haul Jenna! I especially like that crop top! The doggy treat holder is so cute :)

    The Lovely Memoir

  4. How cool!! I can't wait to see your DIY clothes! I love taking old jeans and making them into shorts. I actually want to make a couple more pairs and add lace to one pair, and do an American flag look on the other pair. And I love that leopard print container! That is so cute! <3


    1. I have been wanting to do american flag shorts too! I think I need to see a diy first or something because i am a little intimidated. cant wait to see your stuff!

  5. You've scores very well!

    And I agree with Lisa, that doggy treat holder is so you! Like your blog background!


    Twenty York Street
    Follow me in Twitter: @20YS

  6. Looks like you scored some awesome pieces! Isn't thrifting just the BEST?!

  7. Mannnnn I love the sweaters you got! Esp. the "grandpa" one haha! I was so jealous when you walked back with it! lol

    I wanna go back!!! And lucky it is pretty close by!

    1. haahaha i know you kinda looked at me like ew, i can't believe you just found the sweater i have been looking for all of my life. lol... if it's any consolation, it's wool so it's kinda itchy!

      i want to go back too! And I want you to try a couple other places I love too!

  8. Nice stuff! I especially like the first sweater, coat, and new sugar container!

  9. Great stuff, I love the sweater and the cropped top!

  10. haaa, that ghoul is awesome; love your very neutral palette, beautiful. thrifting is the best.

  11. Oooh, you definitely scored on some cute items! I love going thrifting, its like a scavenger hunt and challenge to find something good.
    Haha, and you succeeded!
    I'm loving the cheetah print dress and cool print tee.
    Can't wait to see how the DIY's turn out.
    Plus, super cute new sugar holder! :)

    Trendy Teal

  12. amazing thrift finds, love that cheetah print dress!

    Visit my blog? Miss Beatrix (

  13. I really like the first sweater - so cute! I am loving olive green right now.

    xo Jennifer

  14. love the jacket in the second pic!!

  15. Great finds! Love the gray jacket.

  16. great stuff! i like the cutoff style shirt :)
    xo dana

  17. ooo, i like that first top!!! and the black cardigan. thrift finds are the best!

    10% off discount code to Vantage Point Vintage


  18. I really love that jacket. It's cute.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  19. my favorite is the sugar container. too cute :) thank you so much too!! :)

  20. Amazing finds! Such a lovely blog! I was wondering if you would like to check mine as well, possibly follow each other?

    Kisses, Mary

  21. I love all your thrifted items, so cute and afordable!

    xo Gillie


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