Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Killer Shoes & Wand Update

Last weekend my shoes from Ebay finally arrived!! They came from China and said shipping would take 20-30 days. And they did. I guess it was okay though because I had other stuff going on and didn't NEED them right away and now that I do have them, I love them! =) Here are a few pics of them. They look way better and dangerous on! hahaha

Also, over the weekend, my mom and I went to try and sell some clothes at a place called Freestyle downtown. I found this super awesome velveteen black babydoll dress when I was there while they were deciding which things they wanted of mine and which they didn't. It's originally from Forever21 and was half price from what Freestyle originally had it marked as. So I got it for 6 bucks! I have been looking everywhere for a dress like this and FINALLY here it is! 6 bucks, lucky me! lol
(Sorry about the picture, this is the back of it. I forgot to take a picture of it and asked my brother to send me one and this is what I got)

I am also wearing it in the following pictures.

So I mentioned for Christmas my aunt got me a Curling Wand that I had been wanting and I finally got the chance to curl my hair with it! I went to see Contraband (which was SO good!) with a friend from High School Saturday night and decided I would try it! I love how it turned out!
(please excuse the chubby face)

What do you guys think?

One last thing I thought I would mention, Goodwill is having another 50% off day! I am not sure if all of the States are the same but for sure California will be doing this on President's Day! I hope you get a chance to check it out!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Where For Art Thou Payday??

So it is getting closer to the end of the month and there are a few things I am just itching to get my fingers on! I checked out GoJane this morning and was pleasantly surprised to find that they had some things in that I was wishing they would!
american flag lace-up bootie
The stars and stripes flag faux litas!

I have also been recently loving the faux collars, I have seen several with studs and spikes and such but they are more expensive than I would like to pay. So here are a few less expensive one.

faux collar necklace
Closest to what I am looking for.

pearl trim collar necklacefaux collar necklace

And then there are the neon leggings
basic skinny leggings

I would also really love it if they got my size in the leopard print wedges back in stock! But what can I do. =/

I also have been wanting some other Ebay items... I have long red hair and love my own hair. However, I like to mix things up a lot with my look so instead of dying or cutting my hair, I like to wear wigs from time to time. And here are a few inexpensive ones from Ebay I am wanting.

But in black for the right one.
For some reason I just love all of these. I really want a black one and a blonde one so those would come first.

I also have been really wanting a skater dress.

And a couple other Ebay wants:

I wonder what I will actually get once Payday strikes! =)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

oh yeah...

So I forgot to take a couple pictures from My Goodwill Haul and I thought I would show them. This adorable ceramic pig was super cheap and I shall put her in my kitchen because I am a vegetarian, and she will remind me why I don't want to eat poor piggies. I haven't named her yet. But I will. She originally came with a pink ribbon around her neck and some weird other stuff glued to her back. I would like to put a leopard print ribbon around her neck. She's so cute!

So it turns out that pillow doesn't say "Boo" on it and I made that up. But here it is-super comfy. And the thing on the right was really hard to try and get visible. Its like a cherry wood colored silverware holder.


I FINALLY found the neon purse I KNEW Target had but tried to pretend they didn't. I saw it in the picture on an advertisement for the collection in the store. But online and in the stores weren't trying to let me buy one! So when I was in Modesto on Sunday visiting my Grandma, that Target had one... ONLY one! And I snatched it up immediately!

While I was there, I got my copy of Kevin Hart's Laugh At My Pain DVD. I saw this show live and did not stop laughing the entire time!!

My floral shoes came in!!!! So right after I posted about my wanting the floral shoes and my indecision on which pair to get/what to do.... my coworker decided she wanted to make an order with me so that we could get the free shipping. So I went for it and got the only pair left with my size available. They arrived on Saturday and I can't wait to wear them in the Spring and Summer. =)

 And finally, here is a pic of me on Sunday. I am not super big into football. I mean I enjoy it sometimes but I really love basketball a lot more. However, I never had a team to root for (and I do not like to just root for whatever the closest team is to me) so a few years back I saw The Blind Side as many of you may have as well, and fell in love with the story. I also read the book that the movie was based off of. The book was a lot different in that it talks a lot more about the game of football.. which got me even  more into the sport. I have loved Michael Oher's story ever since and feel that it is very inspirational. I got his NFL jersey and he is why I chose to be a Raven's fan. They sadly lost and were eliminated from the playoffs and will not be going to Super Bowl this year. But they did very well and came REALLY close! I would LOVE to see Michael Oher win in a Super Bowl!

Thanks for viewing!

Friday, January 20, 2012

MLK Goodwill

Hello Dolls!!

So as some of you thrifters may know... for the Dr. Martin Luther King (who I think is awesome!) holiday on Monday, Goodwill was having %50 percent off sale!! There were a couple exceptions, such as the new arrivals that weren't previously owned such as candy and things next to the register, and also pink tagged items that I believe said Jacobs on them. But those were few and far between and the whole rest of the store was 50 PERCENT OFF!! For a thrifter, that's pretty awesome.

So my mom and I made a route, we had about 10 or so on our list and scratched off a couple because they just weren't close to any of the others and would be out of the way. We ended up making it to 5 stores.

Here's how that went:

  1. The first store felt overwhelming and I couldn't really find anything and the things my mom did find, weren't worth waiting in the long line for. On to the next.
  2. Second Goodwill we hit was actually pretty good! The line was CRAZY but the items were better. My mom immediately found an XBOX for her boyfriend who had been looking for one. 50 bucks originally and 25 for us. Major steal! Then I found a pair of denim high waisted (not that high) shorts (I have been on a search to find cute denim shorts that I could wear with tights). And a cute houndstooth coat with big sleeves and a big collar for $5. My mom continued to look while I waited in line. Where I just so happened to find a really cute shift dress from The Gap with pockets!

3.   The third place we went to was a by-the-pound type of Goodwill and we weren't feeling that so we were on to the next one. By this time it was getting late and we aren't sure how many more we wanted to go to. It was an all day event, I tell ya.
4.   The fourth place was pretty good again. We found different stuff  like kitchen supplies and such. OH! I forgot to take a picture but I got this cute square pillow with two ghosts on it that says "Boo". (Halloween is my FAVE!), But I also got a big dark blue glass just because I liked how big it was (50cents), a cat toilet brush holder, some soup bowls that I constantly use because I love the handles (50cents each), and lastly a nautical cardi (the pic looks black but the stripes are navy) for my more preppy days.

5.   At this point we almost went home but were determined and decided we would try ONE more place, because this was getting exhausting! (My mom was also finding tons of good stuff!) Good thing we went to the last one because we had the most luck there! I found a sit n' spin for Rubi, a pot and a vegetable steamer for when I have my own place, a wood silverware holder for a drawer (that I forgot to take a pic of), 4 Crate and Barrel plates and 4 mini Crate and Barrel plates (2 white and 2 blue of each) (50cents each), a 12 cup mixing bowl/pourer, 3 more pairs of high waisted denim shorts (the bottom right aren't high waisted and don't fit yet, a men's black sweater-just for a thin over-sized look, a black Target dress, and some purple and black houndstooth stirrup leggings that I thought were awesome. Lastly, I got a couple boxes of my favorite incense for full price (like a buck fifty).


Thanks for viewing!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

DIY & Ebay

So last night when I got home from work and got the mail I saw that two of my Ebay purchases had arrived before scheduled! It said since they were coming from so far away, that it could take into early February for them to get here. So it was an exciting surprise for me!

I didn't really remember to take pics at the time but I still have web and after pics for you.

First I got this bracelet/ring that I saw on this post from the awesome Vintage Virgin blog. It was from Ebay and was only $5!

Sorry it's so blurry, but you get the gist. I don't really care for the bells though and might remove them.

Also, =) ... my spikes came!

Click to check details

They are one inch in height and I immediately put them on the jacket I bought them for!

I originally showed this jacket I got from dd's in December and wanted to put the spikes on and now I finally did... I kind of wish there were more spikes but I love the way it came out. I used white balled pins to space them as I wanted and to know what I was doing as I was putting them on. Each shoulder got 10 spikes.

Here is the before and after, what do you think? =)
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