Thursday, January 12, 2012

Another Day, Another Thrift Store

Hello there! =)

So I am pretty excited about some of my new finds I got from a thrift store over the weekend. I also picked up a couple other items that I will share with you. I know it takes me a while recently between blog posts, it's mainly me not having time to take adequate pictures of the items to share. But I am working on it.

Firstly, I went to Wally-World otherwise known as Wal-Mart. I picked up this perfume/body spray that I think smells surprisingly really nice and feminine but in a womanly way-not too sweet smelling and childlike. I also got the skull bandana that goes from gray in the middle to black around the edges. And for some reason I picked up this Rimmel eye pencil not knowing I had found it already. =/ so strange. And since I hadn't shared it with you on my blog, I can not recall when I would have picked it up and why I wouldn't have posted it. Anyways here it is.

I also recently got this cool skeletal ring from Ebay! (shown in above and below pictures)

Click here to Enlarge

I went to Forever21 on my lunch break earlier this week and FINALLY picked up a high-low skirt that I have been wanting! I originally wanted and liked one that was a knit miniskirt under a flowy, high-low, sheer, chiffon skirt. But no luck. I found this one and felt kind of weird about it once I got it home and on but we shall see what I can come up with for it in order for me to like it more. Something about it was just off. And I got the Union Jack bag that I can use to carry my lunch in or something.

On to... Le Thrift Store... haha just kidding it was The Thrift Store in Citrus Heights.

60 cents for this velvet crop top (I'd like to wear with something high waisted.)

This is kind of enormous, pretty much half the size of this door. Super bright red and a little over 2 dollars with original tags still on.

This top was kind of awesome, it reminded me of Freddy Kruger even though it is green and I liked the shorter arms and how oversized it was... and it was only 80 cents!

I picked this top up from the men's section. It has wool in it and is heavy, I thought I could wear it as more of a jacket than a top.

Nice cozy oversized sweater in a darker kind of blue.

This sweater was SUPER soft, like literally it is surprisingly soft. It is like a heathered black and white-ish colored grandma sweater. (A lot lighter in person)

This royal blue cardigan was so pretty with it's pearl-esque style buttons! I thought it would be good for interviews or something since it is very fitted and looks more classic.


My favorite find of the day...

This lime green blazer! OMG so cute! I love it!!! =)

We also tried going to a Church of Latter Day Saints Thrift Store after this one and had no luck finding anything. Thrift stores are so hit and miss. But I love thrifting so it's worth it...especially at these prices! =)

Thanks for viewing!


  1. um those are CRAZY prices for the thrift store finds! cute stuff friend!

    1. Thanks! How can you pass stuff up at those prices?! I didn't get anything more than $3!

  2. I'm with Teenah... those are great steals. I think the high-low skirt. I'm a little sad you didn't like it as much once you got it home! :o(

    1. Me too. =/ It just didnt look like how I envisioned it would once it was on. We will see tho.

  3. Dang! You always find so much stuff!!! The skirt is cute! I can't wait to see future outfits with that! I will have to enjoy it vicariously through you because I could never pull that off!

    My fav is the green strip sweater and the lime blazer!!!!! Dang, that's a steal! Can't wait to see that one too!

    1. Oh don't be silly, you could totally pull off the skirt! You just have to be confident in yourself that you can pull it off.

      I just wore the green and black striped sweater on Saturday!! I loved it too! Felt like it fit perfectly!... And I can't wait to wear the lime green blazer... just have to think of a cute outfit where I can show it off and not have it be a bottom layer since it's been so cold.

  4. At first, I misread "velvet crop top" as "VELCRO crop top." That doesn't sound comfortable! lol

    Great haul! Following you. :)

    1. HAHA! velcro doesn't sound very comfy, but might be cute!

      Thanks so much!


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