Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sinful Colors HAUL

Ahh! So excited for my Sinful Colors haul!! It's my favorite nail polish brand because of the gorgeous colors and I found out from my lovely fellow bloggers Heather and Toni that they would be only 99 cents this last week at Walgreens! So I went on a shopping spree and got 14!

(Left to right)
Me First - Nail Art (This one wasn't on sale, I just HAD to have the neon shade)
Secret Admirer (black with sparkle)
Black on Black
Snow Me White

Rain Storm
Ruby Ruby (I actually bought the other 13 and then saw this one and went back and got it)
This Is It (Sparkly gold, in case you can't tell)

Island Coral
Mint Apple
Unicorn (I just loved the name of this one)

(My fancy neon colors!)
Summer Peach

And these are the colors I already had in my collection that I just LOVE!

Vacation Time
Cream Pink
Forget Now
Dream On (Kinda like a neon purple but very matte-needs top coat)

Let's Meet
Irish Green (Awesome neon)
Neon Melon (My favorite shade!)

Let me know if you guys got some, and what your fave colors are! I need more! lol

Also! This week in sales...=)

Thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Small Haul

So I have picked up a few things recently that I just LOVE and would like to share with you.

Acid wash wedges with a bit of sparkle from Target. I waited forever for these to go on sale. I saw randomly one day that they had gone on clearance online (no sale-straight clearance, and not in the store-only online) I LOVE these and they remind me a bit of the JC damsels.

Neon green wallet from Target. I was in desperate need of a new wallet. My old one literally needed tape to hold it together. I tried to wait until these went on sale but literally the two other colors went on sale and this color stayed original price. So annoying but I got it anyways.

I got this black maxi skirt from Ebay. It's quite snug where the elastic waistband is. But I love how flowy and wide the skirt is. 

Possibly my favorite find... black velvet bellbottoms!! I found these at Marshall's all by their lonesome for 7.99!!! I squealed! AND they were my size, and incredibly comfortable. They're so amazing, I was jealous when I recently saw Toni from The Love Hanger had some. They just have that vibe that I need in my life. =) I can't wait to wear them. Here and here are a couple times Toni has worn hers looking AMAZING! Quite the inspiration. =)

Monday, July 9, 2012

I Can Peplum too... Sorta

These pics did not turn out very well... they all look like outtakes.

This is what I wore to work the day before Independance Day. I got this top recently while shopping with Josie, I don't know how I feel about the cap sleeves. I kinda want them off.

Patriotic earrings...

And Patriotic shoes. I like to dress themed. :)

Top - Marshall's
Earrings - Forever21
Belt - Thrifted
Bag - Love Culture
Jeggings - Vera Wang via Kohl's
Shoes - GoJane
Old Sunnies - Alloy 

And as per usual, we sat on my mom's rooftop and saw all the fireworks from every direction. This has been the best year for fireworks for us. There were TONS of people on our street and our neighborhood with the big illegal fireworks. It was like everyone put on a show just for us.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Faux Foxy


Sunnies - Target
Necklace/Rings - F21
Top - dd's
Bottoms - Vera Wang via Kohl's
Bag - Love Culture
Shoes - Plundr
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