Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!! :)

This is my favorite holiday! And even though I am not as into it this year as I usually am, I still love it! I didn't carve any pumpkins this year. But I threw together a costume and went to a costume party. First on Saturday night, I went with my mom, her bf, my aunt, and her bf to a Haunted House place that I had a lot of fun at and I go to every year.

Then I rushed home and got ready and left with my brother, his gf, and my brother's friend. Here is a picture of me and my brother the race car driver.

Here is me with Lil Wayne! I LOOOVE Lil Wayne and this guy dressed up as him last year and looked exactly like him! I was mad I didn't get a picture with him last year. I got it this year but hate the way I look in it. Eh, what are ya gunna do.

Here is my favorite pic of me, I love how my eyes came out red!

And another

And here is me today at work. I'm a cheetah. I plan to watch old Halloween episodes of Roseanne with my mom and give out candy to the tots.


Friday, October 28, 2011

Burlington's CF Haul!

So last night my mom and I went to Citrus Heights to attend an event with my aunt that her work was putting on. We came straight from work, and even left a little early. But my mom was still anxious about being late the whole way there. It was totally fine when we got there and people were just mingling. There were Hor d'oeuvres and soda served in wine glasses. It was pretty interesting. It was about 7pm when we decided to leave and I told my mom we should skip the freeway and take the one main street that will take us pretty much all the way home. (I also mentioned maybe we could stop at dd's on the way) Well it just so happens that there is a Burlington's Coat Factory on that street that we were unfamiliar with! I don't know how I have missed it so many times but the second I said "ooo a Burlington's Coat Factory" my mom said, "Let's go there instead" and made a quick lane change to get over. Hahaha... she was also a little hesitant because we're broke and it's not pay day yet. Never the less-we needed to shop. We walk in and I immediately see several pieces of really cute jewellery.

The necklace and earrings set was so cute and only 7.99! I love these huge feather earrings which were only like 3.99, I think.

And hello, this huge leopard face ring was about 4.99 and I had to get it. It matches one of my necklaces.

Next...OMG! I found this purse that I have been wanting!!! It's from the Material Girl collection at Macy's. I have searched for it but apparently they were only trying to sell it at the one in San Francisco. So either I bought it online, or I was out of luck (cause really I didn't see myself going to SF any time soon). So what are the chances that I find it here at Burlington's!? Slim to none I tell ya! And only 6.99! My mom was like "well, you have to get it!". I agreed and put it in the basket.

Next I found this really cute top, very native looking and the back had this really cute hook and eye detail that is really cute. 14.99. (Felt expensive compared to what I am used to at dd's, but I really like it!)

Then I saw this really pretty  chiffon "kimono jacket" as they call it. It's more like a cover up. And it has pretty neutral colors so can be worn with lots. 12.99.

And then! We went to the shoes! :)  There were several we were both liking a lot (but the place was kind of a mess and it was difficult to find the same pair of shoes in two different sizes any where near each other) but I found these nude oxford heels that I just LOVE. I have tried on a dark brown and black version before and loved but none were as good of a price as these. They were, at 19.99 the most expensive thing I got. But for a really cute pair of shoes like these, they are way worth it!

Also, my mom loved her stuff so much she wanted to be included in the blog. She got several things but these are the two pairs of shoes she found and they are SOOO cute and flattering on her! She loves the collar on the pair on the left. And the red is so sexy on the right pair, they look FAB on her!


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Eventful Weekend

So Friday, I was way excited my mom and I were skipping Zumba to go to Roseville Galleria. It gave me extra energy to know that we would get to go to H&M which I have been wanting to go to for about a month now. This was my brother's birthday weekend so first we headed over to Icing on the Cupcake to get some AMAZING cupcakes for my brother's birthday and sat for a minute and each ate one. OMG-to die for cupcakes! Then we headed over to Stein Mart, which I had never been but my mom had some free Stein Mart money she had to use before it expired. It was interesting, I only saw a few cute things-its kind of like a more expensive Marshall's I thought. Anyways, then we headed over to the mall and it was about 7pm. We headed straight for H&M, I remember going there before and not being too impressed but for some reason this time I was loving it! Not the Forever21 cheap that I'm familiar with though.

First off, I found the thing I was going there to look for. This beautiful faux fur stole...okay I have seen several of the UK bloggers with it and they said they got it from H&M. And they are the ones I got the term "stole" from. I kinda look at it more as a collar. I absolutely love it! It looks like it could have been originally on a jacket or something but its really its own thing. I plan to wear it on sweaters, jackets, tops-any and everything really lol...okay maybe not everything. It also has a clip under the left side to either clip them together or help secure it down.

Next I found these Moccasin type boots that I have been really wanting. I wanted the Lauren Conrad version from Kohl's (on the right) but they seemed a bit pricey and they didn't fit the way I wanted them to. And the ones at H&M were about half the price. I also didn't want to them to be real suede because I am a vegetarian and try to stay away from real leathers.

Then of course I had to check out the jewelry. I got the snake ring on the right that I like as a thumb ring (as you can probably tell from the picture above.) And the small group of rings in the middle I got to use as rings for the middle part of the finger (example picture on the right). I really love them, they came with 4 silver rings (swan, feather wrap around, one with a tiny pearl, and one with a bow!) and 2 white rings (swan and a flower).

Pinned Image

Then we ate at the food court and only had time for one more store before the mall closed at 9pm, luckily our store was right across from the food court - Love Culture! So we went in there and my mom got some REALLY cute things including a black fringe across the body bag that I want to steal (hahaha) and I felt badly for spending so much in H&M (considering it is still my brother's birthday month and I had already spent plenty this month) but I had to cause I hardly ever get to go there and I had been really wanting the things I got. So all I got was the ring on the left up there that is the top part of a leopard head-which was $2.80, and resisted the rest.

Saturday my mom and my brother went to lunch and a movie and then to the mall (Arden, this time) and she again found some really cute things! Including this top she found on sale for me with my birth year on it. I think it is REALLY cute! And the flowers remind me of the ones in her tattoo so I especially love it.

While they were out I did some things around the house and rushed over to the bank before they closed to refinance my car... all by myself! lol... I know it sounds like not that big of a deal but I don't really know anything about cars and hate doing things that seem big like that by myself. It worked out though! I refinanced through Golden1 and changed from 13.95% to 3.99%, and they mentioned my credit score is good! :) Last year at this time I had no credit to my name!

Saturday night we went to the haunted houses at Cal Expo and almost died. Okay not really but we stood in line for hour and a half I believe we said and there was almost a crazy fight right behind us. That may have been scarier than the haunted house. I'm not sure. But then we went inside and there were 5 separate haunted houses that you also have to wait in line for. So it was a lot of waiting but it was worth it I think because they were scary and a lot of fun.

Sunday, my mom got everyone McDonald's breakfast at the request of my brother since we rarely get it (mostly because there is no time in the morning on work days and we don't get up early enough on weekends). Then my brother had to go to a wedding with his girlfriend and I went with my mom and her boyfriend to the big Wheatland pumpkin patch Bishop's where we met up with my aunt and cousins. That was a lot of fun too, but exhausting from the corn maze and all the walking around. This was a picture of the sky on the way home, it was beautiful!

So then Monday (yesterday) I was so tired I accidentally forgot my phone at home and couldn't blog, but something my mom ordered for me came in the mail so I get to include it in this blog. I had been wanting this cute top from the Alloy catalog (I mean come on look at it, could it be screaming my name any more?! lol) and so she got it for me as also part of my gift for holding down the fort (watching the kitties) while she was away. It is thinner than I originally thought and really soft, its pretty much perfect. :)

Also, I wanted to mention that the NYC foundation that I couldn't figure out how to get out of the bottle to use in this post, is actually pretty nice! I use a Q-tip to get some out and its pretty thin (not too thick and pore-clogging) but works well and matches my skin pretty nicely.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Target Pickups

So I went back to Target Monday night after work with my mom to pick up a few things. And of course a few things turned into a lot more. =| ... but anyways..

I finally got a few black men's tees so that I can cut them up and be creative with them, you know... make them girly. And I like my clothes to be over sized if you haven't caught I got them in an XL. We'll see how it goes...

I also picked up some duct tape because I am trying to do a project with it and I already got some fancy duct tape and realized it wasn't enough. So for the first few layers I will use the cheaper original duct tape. And I found these adorable salad tossers! I HAD to get them! :)

I got some NYC foundation just because I haven't worn any like this for a while and wanted to try it. However, I can't seem to figure out how to get it out of the bottle. it must be so thick that it wont pour out even when I keep it upside down. Strange. I also got some Sally Hansen's nail polish in gunmetal just because ever since the last time I was there, I couldn't stop thinking about how much I really liked that color! I got two Wet n' Wild lipsticks, I believe one is called Just Peachy, and I forgot the name of the other but I am searching for a really good nude lipstick. (Turns out neither of these were it but I still kinda like them.) I really want to try the Lady Gaga MAC nude lipstick. I have also been trying to learn the art of applying fake lashes. I failed over the weekend once and remembered seeing this applicator and made sure I got it this time. I think it will really help while it dries... but what do I know. =| ...And I got this ELF eyeliner/shadowstick. I feel like I am always searching for an amazing eyeliner, so here is yet another go at it. =)

 Thanks for reading!


Monday, October 17, 2011

More luck for me than him..

So this was the weekend I was trying to get my brother's birthday gifts. Ugh, I can't even explain how frustrating that trip trying to get him what he wanted was. 2 out of the 4 things he wants were not there and I had to settle with something he will like but not necessarily asked for. He can do what he wants with them, whatever. I'm over it. I won't show what I got him just in case he happens to see this blog before his day comes.

So anyways, back to me :) ...So my mom made a trip to Kohl's on Saturday and brought me home a gift for watching the kitties while she was away on holiday.

This is the gift. It's a Zoo York men's watch in camouflage. I LOVE it and want to wear it with every outfit. It's big and bulky and has a lot of features that I had to learn how to use. Anyways-very awesome! =)

My mom also got me some leopard print duct tape so that I can try out a DIY project, however we need a bunch more and will need to go back before I try out the project. I have also been wanting some men's black over sized t-shirts to cut up and use creatively.

So then later on Saturday... I was still thinking about the jacket I wanted from Target and since the last time I saw it, there was only one left in my size, I felt like I just had to go back and see if its still there and if so, I need to get it. I also wanted to check the prices there for the t-shirts. And get my brother's card. So I asked my bff if she wanted to join me on my excursion, and she was down. So I picked her up and headed over there. And.... my jacket was still there! So I got it! It wasn't on sale and I paid more than I would have liked but I just couldn't stop thinking about it and every one I saw like it wasn't comparable to how much I loved the look of this one.

I decided I wanted to check dds before just getting the t-shirts so that I could compare prices. So we headed there next. Turns out they only have white tees. LAME! ... So I still didn't get my t-shirts for my cutting up but I did find a couple cute tops for cheap. =)

First one is this crocheted/fringe type top, which is cuter than I expected and was $7.99... It looks better in person-promise!

And the second one I got was this over sized black and grey stripey shirt, which also is cuter in person... I just really like over sized things...(tops, bags, sunglasses, jewelry-the bigger the better I say)

ps. I am wearing this top today. (Oh, and it was $5.99!)

So then it was Sunday, the day to go to the mall with the brother's girlfriend. We parked by Sears and went down the whole downstairs part of the mall, ate at Dos Coyotes, then went back across the upstairs of the mall. I saw soo many things that I loved! But I felt badly and didn't get anything too expensive because I was trying to get my brother's gifts. So what I found was some cheap jewelry from Forever 21-of course.

I found these feather earrings that for some reason I just love so much, they are quite small for my taste but I love them, and am wearing them today. I also found this necklace that I loved because I am really loving Native American style recently...

I was also looking for cute small studs that I can use in my cartilage and other piercings instead of only wearing different first hole earrings and the same other hole earrings...if you can understand what I am trying to say. So I really like the studs on the left and the crosses remind me of my inspirational blogger(she loves a cross for jewelry). And I really liked the middle flowers on the right for cartilage earrings.

Forever21 really is the cheapest place I have found for things like these. I looked in Claire's and The Icing and every other place was like $8-$15 for a small group of different earrings and Forever21 was like $2.80. So I am really happy with the cute stuff I found, however there were things I REALLY wanted to go back and get for myself!! :)


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Momma's Back!!!

So this title has kind of a double meaning I realized as I typed it out. lol...My mom just got back from Maui and I am so stoked to have her back! I missed her so much! So the whole time before my mom left she was always saying the next time she went to Hawaii she wanted to get a really nice and big tattoo on her back. But as the date got closer and the emergencies for money kept coming up, the tattoo idea didn't seem like a for sure thing anymore. I kept pushing though because I knew how once in a lifetime this could be and I tried to help a little with the researching of the stuff she liked and wanted. So she left and neither of us mentioned it the entire time she was gone when we spoke, for some reason I felt like I would jinx it if I asked. So come Sunday morning when she gets back, I go downstairs and hug her (not knowing she has this tattoo on her back and am hurting her) and she tells me she has a surprise for me. I close my eyes and when I open them, she has this GORGEOUS tattoo that I am in love with. I wanted to touch it and just look at it for hours! lol...The good thing is I get to look at it all the time because I help her put the moisurizing stuff on it every morning and night. ugh-it is beautiful and makes me want my tattoos even more now!

So here are the things she brought back for me:

And here is her tattoo!!:

Here is a close up of the dragonfly, so pretty!

She had a wonderful time and didnt want to come home. She got this done in the last 6 hours she was there before heading to the long and dreadful plane ride home. I am so proud of her! :)



Love Culture Haul

Saturday I met up with some old friends at Arden Mall. We were going to shop a little bit and then eat at BJs in the mall. So when I first got there, we went into fave, right? Well for some reason I get a little overwhelmed with everything going on in there and especially when I am with others that I feel are waiting on me. So I tend to have better luck with Forever21 online, and Love Culture in the store. Love Culture is just a lot more organized and not so overwhelming. (Also, I feel like Downtown F21 is easier for me to handle than Arden F21) So we went over to Love Culture and I am pretty much the only one really shopping, the others are just looking. I found some fabulous jewely and clothes! But of course, I had to edit once again. Here's what I ended up with:

I got 3 rings. One is a leopard-duh I had to get it. One is an armor full length bendable ring which yes, I know I already have a few of them, but this one is adjustable for any finger. :) ...The thing also with full finger rings is, I have been wanting them for years. Before they started making them for normal folks like us and only had the crazy expensive ones for celebrities, so now that I find them-I'm grabbing them! lol...Anyways, thirdly I got a bracelet/ring that I have also always found to be really cool but never seen one where I could purchase it and for a reasonable price. And I really love it.


I also found a BUNCH of earrings I really wanted and ended up with just these. They are super huge (My mom's initial response was "Is that a necklace?") they are pretty gangster and they are beautiful. ( I really wanted these gunmetal huge hoops with balls on them kind of like these ones but they were a dollar more so that was how I decided on these)

Up next was the clothes. I found two tops and a dress. I tried them am all on and decided I liked the two tops the most and put the dress back. (Oh but it was so pretty! Leopard print, one-sleeve, loose cute!) I ended up with this black, sheer, dolman, oversized buttondown. The back is really pretty and is longer than the front. There is an opening that is really cute when it is worn on the back. Oh and the zipper details on the wrists is a really cute touch.


Lastly, I got this also oversized, sheer, button down. Except hello, it is leopard print. (And I just so happen to be wearing it today.) The back is also longer than the front and as you can see there is this really pretty ivory lace detailing on the back and pleating under it to give it a really pretty and feminine vibe.


And that was my Love Culture fun. :) ... There was so much more I wanted to get in that store but just didnt want to pay for it all, it is I spent more than I wanted to but I am very pleased with the things I got and I had a lot of fun with the girls. We also went to Pac Sun before dinner and I found some cute items, but I resisted!

 Hope you like!

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