Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Momma's Back!!!

So this title has kind of a double meaning I realized as I typed it out. lol...My mom just got back from Maui and I am so stoked to have her back! I missed her so much! So the whole time before my mom left she was always saying the next time she went to Hawaii she wanted to get a really nice and big tattoo on her back. But as the date got closer and the emergencies for money kept coming up, the tattoo idea didn't seem like a for sure thing anymore. I kept pushing though because I knew how once in a lifetime this could be and I tried to help a little with the researching of the stuff she liked and wanted. So she left and neither of us mentioned it the entire time she was gone when we spoke, for some reason I felt like I would jinx it if I asked. So come Sunday morning when she gets back, I go downstairs and hug her (not knowing she has this tattoo on her back and am hurting her) and she tells me she has a surprise for me. I close my eyes and when I open them, she has this GORGEOUS tattoo that I am in love with. I wanted to touch it and just look at it for hours! lol...The good thing is I get to look at it all the time because I help her put the moisurizing stuff on it every morning and night. ugh-it is beautiful and makes me want my tattoos even more now!

So here are the things she brought back for me:

And here is her tattoo!!:

Here is a close up of the dragonfly, so pretty!

She had a wonderful time and didnt want to come home. She got this done in the last 6 hours she was there before heading to the long and dreadful plane ride home. I am so proud of her! :)




  1. I can't get over how beautiful her tattoo is. So hot!!!!

  2. Thanks friend! And me either!! It's so awesome, every time I see it I'm like "OMG so crazy!" and just want to stare at it! hahaha

  3. The tattoo is gorgeous- so detailed! The dragonfly is so pretty xxx


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