Tuesday, October 11, 2011

dd's Haul

So instead of going to Zumba on Friday night, I decided to meet up with the brother's girlfriend and her mom at dd's. When I first got there she had already found something she knew I would love and I immediately knew I was purchasing them. They were camouflage heeled boots. So gangster! I have been loving camouflage too so they were perfect! And only $12.99!

And of course, as I always do with dd's-I had a million things to try on. I ended up finding several things and had to edit my purchases. There were a couple of Native American tops I really liked but I was hoping to find one in black, so I didn't get either. There was a bomber jacket that was kinda what I was looking for, but not enough. So I ended up with 4 tops and a jacket I loved. The first top is sheer with pretty colors. Kind of a mixture with flowers and leopard print in it. It has an elastic waist and can possibly be worn off the shoulder.


Next was a mustardy green top that her mom found. Its quite different, which is probably what made me like it. It is really long so it can be kind of versatile. It is loose fitting and a few sizes larger than what I normally get. Oh and the zipper on one side is a cute detail.

So I have been inspired by my inspirational blogger to try over sized button downs (or button ups, I never know which way to say it). So I got them in bigger sizes. This one looks kind of retro but the color was pretty and I think that I can make it work. (It needs to be ironed :-/ )

I know the pictures are dark and you can't tell how cute they are until they are on so maybe at some point I will feel comfortable enough and actually try them on for you. :) .. This one doesn't button all the way down and can even be worn as a dress with a belt. Really cute. Also all the over sized items I found were from the clearance rack so they were all around $6...

And lastly, the jacket. It was $20 which I felt was a lot. I mean I know that price for a really cute jacket is a steal but just for dd's prices it felt like a lot! It is really cute on and the pictures don't really do it justice.


So that was my Friday night "haul". I was pretty happy with the things I found and finally got a couple things I had been wanting. And the shoes are so me, its crazy. LOL... I kind of don't want anyone else to have them. But of course it is dd's and several others will. Hope you like them too! :)


  1. I really like that first shirt and the jacket!!!

  2. Thanks! I bet the jacket would be so cute on you too because of the style it is.

  3. I need you to put them on and take photos so I can see your creative touch on them. On the hanger, they don't showcase you and how rad your style is!

  4. hmph... I am a little hesitant about showing all that...


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