Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!! :)

This is my favorite holiday! And even though I am not as into it this year as I usually am, I still love it! I didn't carve any pumpkins this year. But I threw together a costume and went to a costume party. First on Saturday night, I went with my mom, her bf, my aunt, and her bf to a Haunted House place that I had a lot of fun at and I go to every year.

Then I rushed home and got ready and left with my brother, his gf, and my brother's friend. Here is a picture of me and my brother the race car driver.

Here is me with Lil Wayne! I LOOOVE Lil Wayne and this guy dressed up as him last year and looked exactly like him! I was mad I didn't get a picture with him last year. I got it this year but hate the way I look in it. Eh, what are ya gunna do.

Here is my favorite pic of me, I love how my eyes came out red!

And another

And here is me today at work. I'm a cheetah. I plan to watch old Halloween episodes of Roseanne with my mom and give out candy to the tots.



  1. Omg I freakin LOVE your cheetah pictures :)

  2. You look adorable!! Welcome to the Tunnel of Terrorrrrr...huhuhuhhhhh! - Happy Halloween! Mom

  3. awww... thanks teenah-nah!! :)

    hahaha-thanks mom! "The Master!"

  4. I loved your costume on Saturday night... it was fierce! And your cheetah costume rocks!! Happy (late) Halloween!!! XOXOXOXOX

  5. Thanks friend!!! The dress was my mom's from when she was a vampire a few years ago. The cheetah costume was simple and easy but it worked well for me cause I have spots (freckles) like a cheetah! :)


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