Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Love Culture Haul

Saturday I met up with some old friends at Arden Mall. We were going to shop a little bit and then eat at BJs in the mall. So when I first got there, we went into Forever21...my fave, right? Well for some reason I get a little overwhelmed with everything going on in there and especially when I am with others that I feel are waiting on me. So I tend to have better luck with Forever21 online, and Love Culture in the store. Love Culture is just a lot more organized and not so overwhelming. (Also, I feel like Downtown F21 is easier for me to handle than Arden F21) So we went over to Love Culture and I am pretty much the only one really shopping, the others are just looking. I found some fabulous jewely and clothes! But of course, I had to edit once again. Here's what I ended up with:

I got 3 rings. One is a leopard-duh I had to get it. One is an armor full length bendable ring which yes, I know I already have a few of them, but this one is adjustable for any finger. :) ...The thing also with full finger rings is, I have been wanting them for years. Before they started making them for normal folks like us and only had the crazy expensive ones for celebrities, so now that I find them-I'm grabbing them! lol...Anyways, thirdly I got a bracelet/ring that I have also always found to be really cool but never seen one where I could purchase it and for a reasonable price. And I really love it.


I also found a BUNCH of earrings I really wanted and ended up with just these. They are super huge (My mom's initial response was "Is that a necklace?") they are pretty gangster and they are beautiful. ( I really wanted these gunmetal huge hoops with balls on them kind of like these ones but they were a dollar more so that was how I decided on these)

Up next was the clothes. I found two tops and a dress. I tried them am all on and decided I liked the two tops the most and put the dress back. (Oh but it was so pretty! Leopard print, one-sleeve, loose fitting...so cute!) I ended up with this black, sheer, dolman, oversized buttondown. The back is really pretty and is longer than the front. There is an opening that is really cute when it is worn on the back. Oh and the zipper details on the wrists is a really cute touch.


Lastly, I got this also oversized, sheer, button down. Except hello, it is leopard print. (And I just so happen to be wearing it today.) The back is also longer than the front and as you can see there is this really pretty ivory lace detailing on the back and pleating under it to give it a really pretty and feminine vibe.


And that was my Love Culture fun. :) ... There was so much more I wanted to get in that store but just didnt want to pay for it all, lol...as it is I spent more than I wanted to but I am very pleased with the things I got and I had a lot of fun with the girls. We also went to Pac Sun before dinner and I found some cute items, but I resisted!

 Hope you like!

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