Friday, October 28, 2011

Burlington's CF Haul!

So last night my mom and I went to Citrus Heights to attend an event with my aunt that her work was putting on. We came straight from work, and even left a little early. But my mom was still anxious about being late the whole way there. It was totally fine when we got there and people were just mingling. There were Hor d'oeuvres and soda served in wine glasses. It was pretty interesting. It was about 7pm when we decided to leave and I told my mom we should skip the freeway and take the one main street that will take us pretty much all the way home. (I also mentioned maybe we could stop at dd's on the way) Well it just so happens that there is a Burlington's Coat Factory on that street that we were unfamiliar with! I don't know how I have missed it so many times but the second I said "ooo a Burlington's Coat Factory" my mom said, "Let's go there instead" and made a quick lane change to get over. Hahaha... she was also a little hesitant because we're broke and it's not pay day yet. Never the less-we needed to shop. We walk in and I immediately see several pieces of really cute jewellery.

The necklace and earrings set was so cute and only 7.99! I love these huge feather earrings which were only like 3.99, I think.

And hello, this huge leopard face ring was about 4.99 and I had to get it. It matches one of my necklaces.

Next...OMG! I found this purse that I have been wanting!!! It's from the Material Girl collection at Macy's. I have searched for it but apparently they were only trying to sell it at the one in San Francisco. So either I bought it online, or I was out of luck (cause really I didn't see myself going to SF any time soon). So what are the chances that I find it here at Burlington's!? Slim to none I tell ya! And only 6.99! My mom was like "well, you have to get it!". I agreed and put it in the basket.

Next I found this really cute top, very native looking and the back had this really cute hook and eye detail that is really cute. 14.99. (Felt expensive compared to what I am used to at dd's, but I really like it!)

Then I saw this really pretty  chiffon "kimono jacket" as they call it. It's more like a cover up. And it has pretty neutral colors so can be worn with lots. 12.99.

And then! We went to the shoes! :)  There were several we were both liking a lot (but the place was kind of a mess and it was difficult to find the same pair of shoes in two different sizes any where near each other) but I found these nude oxford heels that I just LOVE. I have tried on a dark brown and black version before and loved but none were as good of a price as these. They were, at 19.99 the most expensive thing I got. But for a really cute pair of shoes like these, they are way worth it!

Also, my mom loved her stuff so much she wanted to be included in the blog. She got several things but these are the two pairs of shoes she found and they are SOOO cute and flattering on her! She loves the collar on the pair on the left. And the red is so sexy on the right pair, they look FAB on her!



  1. Love the shoes you got and the purse! Doesn't that pin also go with a ring you got in one of your previous posts?

  2. Oh, it actually is a ring,not a pin. I will have to go back and fix that. And it's not really like the things that I got because there is one leopard whole body and the top of a leopard head that kind looks like its eating my finger. And Thanks!! :)

  3. I love the oxford heels so much! And the spikey necklace/earring set!!


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