Monday, December 19, 2011

Ugly Sweater Contest

I went to my aunt's place yesterday for our family holiday get together and there was an ugly sweater contest. My mom and I had a difficult time finding a regular Xmas sweater that was ugly due to so many people buying them out of thrift stores for their respective contests. So my mom and I found these green and red/burgundy matching sweaters to create ugly sweaters. We went to Dollar Tree and got the supplies and Saturday we decorated. I now think we should have just used hot glue because instead we just sewed everything on which was a pain in the ass and took forever. Also because of the sweater being so loosely knit, so many things would just fall right off afterward. We both have a naughty and a nice bird on our shoulders. Garland at the hem and a bunch of silly other things all over. I also used a big red bow on my back for a little something extra. For the contest there were two categories: Most Original and Most Decorative. Another small family had a bunch of the same things hot glued on their sweaters because they also went to the Dollar Store. My mom and I were a team however and had that going for us. The dad from the other family that looked similar to ours won for most original. (=-/) And we won for most decorative. 15 dollar gift card for Target! =) 

We also just so happened to have three different families bring green bean casserole, which was pretty funny and we were going to have a contest for that just because it was funny but I guess they said they were too similar. (Mine was the best though)... And we did a White Elephant exchange which was pretty fun, more fun than the one I did at work! All in all, pretty successful!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Coat!

The last time I went to Kohl's with my mom, I was looking through the Candie's clothes and found this amazing coat that I loved instantly. Typically I wouldn't go for a coat like this that has the pink stripes mixed in with the grey, black, and white houndstooth just because it seems very trendy and like I will get sick of looking at the same distinct print too quickly. But for some reason I just LOVED this coat! The detachable faux fur collar I can't get enough of right now (and this one is in a really pretty grey and so freaking soft I don't want to stop petting it). I love that the shoulders have the little pleats to make them come up, which I don't know if you can even actually see. AND! there is a really cute bow on the back!!! I tried it on in the store and didn't want to take it off. I know I am not supposed to be buying myself stuff right now but I REALLY wanted this. So I decided if they had it in the next size up online that I would get it. And they did, so I did. =) (don't worry, we had coupons)


The Thrift Store & OOTD

So as I mentioned, on Saturday, my mom and I went to The Thrift Store in South Sac and just loooooved it! It has so much good stuff and it's owned by the same people that owned the one we loved so much in South Natomas. I got quite a few things so I will just post the pics and then tell you about them after. Also I have my OOTD from yesterday which has one of the tops from The Thrift Store haul. And I know the pictures are bad and I need a camera... just bear with me.

  1. Old Native American type blanket. I love these because they are so heavy and I haven't ever seen one in this color before.
  2. This is an old leopard print satin feeling top with shoulder pads that looks actually quite cute on. There are some gold threads throughout it.
  3. Black and white small houndstooth printed satin feeling top. Gold button embellishments. I like how it looks open, kind of as a jacket look instead of a top. 
  4. Silver satin feeling button down top. I thought would look great under a sweater or used as a layering piece.
  5. Men's white button down. I didn't feel like buttoning it.
  6. Rich red velveteen jacket. LOVE!
  7. Huge Navajo inspired grey poncho/sweater. The material is like sweatshirt-so warm and soft!
  8. Black oversized chenille top.
  9. Super thick navy sweater with American flag.
  10. Oversized black and white knitted grandpa sweater
  11. Same as above but a pretty blue color-I tried to get the color better in the third pic.
  12. Oversized flannel top that looks like something my mom had in the 90s.The colors are really pretty and didn't show up very well
  13. Black and white oversized flannel
  14. Oversized chenille sweaters. My mom and I got these to decorate for our "Ugly Sweater Competition" at my aunt's Xmas party this year. We are going as a tag team. lol...Maybe I will show you an after photo after we decorate them. =)

 Here is the outfit I wore to work yesterday with the oversized black and white flannel. My mom didn't think it looked good just because she knows it's a big old flannel, but I tried to make it look a little bit more than that. =)


Top- thrifted
Spiked necklace- Burlington Coat Factory 
Jeggings- dd's
Shoes- GoJane
Rings- Forever21, Kohl's
Earrings (shown in other outfits)- Forever21
 Nail polish- Sally Hansen "Gunmetal"

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Early Xmas Gift!! =)

Hello there...

Well my mom and I were decorating last night for the holidays and so I didn't get a chance to take pics of the thrifting I did on Saturday yet. BUT! when my mom and I got home last night from work, some packages came for us! SO freaking exciting! All of our gifts we ordered for people are trickling in and it is so much fun getting them. Well something came for my mom that she planned on giving to me. But she got so excited she decided to give it to me early. =) (Which then let me give her something early that I had been wanting to just give her already cause I didn't really like it as a gift anymore anyways haha)
So anyways! Getting to the point, my mom gave me this totally awesome Buffy The Vampire Slayer Sunnydale High School class ring memorabilia! I absolutely loooove Buffy and my mom and I usually watch a couple episodes on Sunday nights when the Chiller channel plays reruns before bed. I have all but one season of the show and I also have the cross necklace memorabilia that Angel gives to Buffy. I think the ring is so cool and also because I am obsessed with rings.

Buffy Sunnydale High Class Ring Size 8 - SEARCH FOR OTHER SIZES

It's awesome! Thanks momma!!

Monday, December 12, 2011


So I know it has been awhile but I have been really sick and not feeling well enough to post. I hardly even came in to work last week! Anyways I have picked up a few things since you have last heard from me... and even more because this last Saturday I went to a thrift store with my mom that we LOVED!! We both found plenty of things and we would have found even more if the store wasn't closing and kicked us out lol... but they have the BEST prices out of all the thrift stores I have been to. But that's for the next post. This post will include what I got during the Cyber Monday sales, a little thrifting, a little ebay, and a little dd's. =)

Let's begin with Cyber Monday! Mostly I made a GoJane order because they had 30% off all regularly priced items which was AWESOME!!

I love everything especially the taupe Lita knock Offs I have been dying to get!! =) They were maybe the only thing that didn't get the 30% off discount and were already before the discount the most expensive item, coming in around 40 bucks which hello, is still super good for FAB shoes! And since I was making the order anyways I thought why not get them now and make sure they don't go out of stock in my size. I also love the wedges I got in two different colors. I wanted to mention that the the ring on the left is actually a super shiny gold because I know that it did not come off that way in the picture.

Next for Cyber Monday...

I got the two pairs of corduroy leggings on the left at Kohl's. (The pair on the right are black velvet leggings I got on a separate trip and HAD to have.) Okay let me just explain that I have become obsessed with these corduroy leggings. I initially got the black, then I got the wine/red color. I wear the two of them constantly. They are so comfortable and look good so much so that my mom started wanting a pair. (And got! hehehe) I have been replacing jeans with them on a daily basis pretty much. lol...So it just made me want the other colors. I got the olive green and cinnamon brown ones here. There was also a really pretty purple that was out of stock in my size otherwise I would have the whole collection! I have always loved Vera Wang for Kohl's!

Lastly for Cyber Monday...

I got this looooooong taupe cardigan that I fell in love with when I saw it on the website. It is so very Mary-Kate Olsen and I adore her style. There were a few similar ones to choose from but the pockets were a huge plus and I just loved how slouchy and easy this one felt to go with other items of clothing. It reaches my ankles and it super cozy! I have worn it once to work already on the sick day I decided to go in.

That concludes the Cyber Monday portion of the post. =) But since we are on F21, I thought I would share a pair of leggings I found last week while looking for gift ideas.

Phe-freaking-nomenal! I can't get over how cozy and warm these are! They are an amazing piece to add to my winter collection! 

So I have reconnected with my fondness for Ebay in the last couple of weeks. I am not sure exactly what led me back, but I am BACK! lol... I have found a few Xmas gifts and a few pieces of jewelry for me that were really inexpensive, and a few other things I plan to go back for once Xmas is over. I always end up having a list of things I want to get post Xmas while I am Xmas shopping. Anyways the one thing that has come to me so far that I just love is this peace symbol necklace. So cute!

Next... thrift store. So I went with Josie to a few thrift stores last weekend, and I found a few things. I got a black long velveteen skirt that I plan to cut and make a shorter one that I don't have a pic of but thought I would mention it anyways. Here are the other things I got.

I loved the vintage black faux fur coat with leopard lining, it felt so very me that I felt bad not getting it. The only thing is, it was $30 which felt so expensive to me for a thrift store! But it is pretty cute and has the 3/4 length sleeve. The other two items I just really liked.

Finally we come to dd's. I actually got four things but I wore the last item a few time and didn't get a chance to take a pic of them. They are royal blue leggings that look like jeans but are wayyy more comfortable. They look very similar to the jeans I got in this post from Target which I then actually took back since I found such similar ones for cheaper.

The Bon Jovi shirt is really fitted but stretchy so I think it would be good as a bottom layer. The leggings that look like jeans-LOVE. And this faux leather jacket that I got as a substitute for a Topshop-really-expensive jacket I was wanting. The Topshop version has black faux fur though and looks more motorcycle-esque. I was thinking of adding some spikes to the shoulders of this jacket where the quilted looking part is... inspired by my Blogging Idol's DIY on her Topshop jacket. We shall see...

Thanks for reading!


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