Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Coat!

The last time I went to Kohl's with my mom, I was looking through the Candie's clothes and found this amazing coat that I loved instantly. Typically I wouldn't go for a coat like this that has the pink stripes mixed in with the grey, black, and white houndstooth just because it seems very trendy and like I will get sick of looking at the same distinct print too quickly. But for some reason I just LOVED this coat! The detachable faux fur collar I can't get enough of right now (and this one is in a really pretty grey and so freaking soft I don't want to stop petting it). I love that the shoulders have the little pleats to make them come up, which I don't know if you can even actually see. AND! there is a really cute bow on the back!!! I tried it on in the store and didn't want to take it off. I know I am not supposed to be buying myself stuff right now but I REALLY wanted this. So I decided if they had it in the next size up online that I would get it. And they did, so I did. =) (don't worry, we had coupons)



  1. Ohh! I love how they made the back tie look like a bow! That's cute! I love the color combination (one of my favorites) and it looks great on you! It suits you so well!

    Also, I love how you're like "we had coupons!" hahaha Coupons totally make it easier to buy things and justify it later! :)

  2. aww thanks Josie! I fell in love instantly! =)

    lol it totally does!

  3. This coat is really cool! ;)



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