Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Mom's DIY for Me

Quite a few years ago, my mom made me this earring holder. It's pretty awesome and after viewing all of the DIY-ing done on Pinterest and other blogs, we thought it would be nice to showcase something of ours. Sorry the pictures aren't very showcase-y of the details. She used a large frame and painted it black. She then measured and cut vegetable garden fencing and painted it black as well (I think, or she just got black fencing). She used a staple gun to staple and secure the fencing down. And for me because of my fondness for leopard print, she used a really pretty furry leopard print material that I think is really fabulous and hot glued it on to the frame behind the fencing. And as an added touch, she used this large black ribbon to make it look like a bow is holding it up and hanging. (But really the frame is hanging on the wall and the ribbon is thumb tacked up after.) That added bow looks really cute and is kind of great to go with my "Bows and Leopard" theme. =)


  1. Very cute!!! I like the frame a lot. What a great idea to use the fencing!! Would love to copy this but I don't have any ear rings! And the bow is adorable!!! Ohh I wanna see your room!!

  2. Thanks! I love the bow detail too! LOL ... My room is a mess and sooo hard to keep clean, I just have way too much stuff for one bedroom, it won't be as bad once I get my own place but for now it's a lot of stuff in a small area. My mom also made a smaller version of the frame in white for her friend who has only a few of thoes type of earrings with the backs that let you hang them. It's in the type of frame with a stand, so it looks really cute on her dresser standing up!


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