Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Thrift Store & OOTD

So as I mentioned, on Saturday, my mom and I went to The Thrift Store in South Sac and just loooooved it! It has so much good stuff and it's owned by the same people that owned the one we loved so much in South Natomas. I got quite a few things so I will just post the pics and then tell you about them after. Also I have my OOTD from yesterday which has one of the tops from The Thrift Store haul. And I know the pictures are bad and I need a camera... just bear with me.

  1. Old Native American type blanket. I love these because they are so heavy and I haven't ever seen one in this color before.
  2. This is an old leopard print satin feeling top with shoulder pads that looks actually quite cute on. There are some gold threads throughout it.
  3. Black and white small houndstooth printed satin feeling top. Gold button embellishments. I like how it looks open, kind of as a jacket look instead of a top. 
  4. Silver satin feeling button down top. I thought would look great under a sweater or used as a layering piece.
  5. Men's white button down. I didn't feel like buttoning it.
  6. Rich red velveteen jacket. LOVE!
  7. Huge Navajo inspired grey poncho/sweater. The material is like sweatshirt-so warm and soft!
  8. Black oversized chenille top.
  9. Super thick navy sweater with American flag.
  10. Oversized black and white knitted grandpa sweater
  11. Same as above but a pretty blue color-I tried to get the color better in the third pic.
  12. Oversized flannel top that looks like something my mom had in the 90s.The colors are really pretty and didn't show up very well
  13. Black and white oversized flannel
  14. Oversized chenille sweaters. My mom and I got these to decorate for our "Ugly Sweater Competition" at my aunt's Xmas party this year. We are going as a tag team. lol...Maybe I will show you an after photo after we decorate them. =)

 Here is the outfit I wore to work yesterday with the oversized black and white flannel. My mom didn't think it looked good just because she knows it's a big old flannel, but I tried to make it look a little bit more than that. =)


Top- thrifted
Spiked necklace- Burlington Coat Factory 
Jeggings- dd's
Shoes- GoJane
Rings- Forever21, Kohl's
Earrings (shown in other outfits)- Forever21
 Nail polish- Sally Hansen "Gunmetal"


  1. Nicely done... What will be cool about this blog is you will be able to see your style trends change over the years. I like it! Keep it up. :o)

  2. lol thank you friend! ... my style right now is kind of everything! I am kind of into every look right now but done certain ways... which makes getting dressed in the morning even harder! Haha

  3. Oh wow, you got ALL that from The Thrift Store?! I'm really gonna have to check that place out then! I like the ootd, it looks very relaxed ;) And I love the spike necklace!!!

  4. Thank you! Yes, I know right?! and all the prices were super cheap! I love that place! We gotta go!!!


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