Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Harvest Festival/Breaking Dawn

So over the weekend, I went to the Harvest Festival with the fam bam and to see Breaking Dawn....as you can probably tell from the bag I am using. (Which btw some lady asked me where I got it and was disappointed when I told her it came with the movie when I preordered it.) I absolutely looooved Breaking Dawn, for sure the best one yet and this is coming from someone who knew what was going to happen already from reading the books. It was great! I can't wait to see the last one and kinda want to see this one again. hahaha...

So anyways, the Harvest Festival was fun. We got to do a lot of taste testing and my mom picked up some really yummy things to have at home. I found a really pretty necklace for my mom, she was with me though so I had to just get it for her as a Christmas present and she could have it early. She wore it for the rest of the day. It's a really pretty dragonfly necklace-very different than the ones she already has. That was all I got though. The lady from Etsy wasn't there this time, she was my favorite the last time. There was a lot of people there and I think it may be where I picked up this cold/sore throat I have. :(

This tall guy was walking around singing Elvis and messing with people, obviously me the shyest one of the bunch had to get talked about. He said he loved my boots and made me a flower bracelet to go with it.

And my mom and I took these pics in the photo booth at the movies. =)


 Thanks for reading!

Friday, November 18, 2011


Hey, so it's finally Friday!! Thank goodness! It's starting to rain here today and I got to have lunch with my friend Josie today who came and visited me at work. We were both wearing our Lita knock-offs and were twinsies! :) ...Anyways so I know I am wearing a lot of black and my hair is messed up (it actually has a really cute braid headband in front that you can't see). I really don't like pictures of myself but I guess oh well. lol

 Sunglasses - Target
Earrings - Forever21
Rings - Kohl's / H&M / Auction / Forever21
Faux fur stole - H&M
Black v-neck sweater - Walmart
State badge - hahahaha!
Black corduroy leggings - Kohl's (Vera Wang)
Bag - Burlington Coat Factory (Material Girl)
Shoes - Go Jane

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Part II, as promised...

So here is the part two post that I promised a few blogs ago. I haven't been in the mood to do some things recently and just going through stuff. But this part two has been kind of hanging over my head lol so not to worry, here are the pictures! =) ...

First up, there was the original two thrift stores I went to with my mom.This top I wore in an OOTD already and a few other times. I really love the length and feel, it's so comfortable! If only I could find one in black! lol

I got this hot pink 80s looking sweater, I also have one in green exactly the same I got a few years back. My mom hates it because of how 80s it looks. I love the 80s though. =)

I found this really long gray sweater that has some type of wool in it. It doesn't go all the way around me though and looks almost more like a cape when on but I still really like it! My mom actually got a pretty similar one recently for almost 10 times the amount I paid so that is pretty cool for me too. lol gotta love thrifting!

I actually found this really cute black knit fringed vest at the last second as I was on my way up to the register to pay because they were about to close. It was a great find and fits really nicely.

Lastly, at this thrift store, my mom found this cute headband for me that she thought would be great for my hair color and everything. ... and she was right! =) It looks homemade too so thats a plus.

So the second thrift store we went to that night I found a couple more awesome things!

I found this maxi skirt with red and purple roses on leopard print that I thought was really cute. For my more hippy days.

And I found these two oversized blazers too!! I really love them and think the beige one on the left would look GREAT with the taupe knock-off litas that I want. ;) I like to roll the sleeves up on the black one because with them down, it looks very boxy and not as cute. I actually like to scrunch the sleeves up above my elbows. Its cute.

I believe I also mentioned how I got the blue jeans from Target that I have been wanting and searching for. They are a lot more royal in person. But nice and stretchy. $22.99.

THEN! hahaha... I went to another thrift store with my mom that was HUGE! I wasn't exactly prepared to go so I had on heels and wasn't completely in the mind set to think of creative ways to wear everything but I did find these sweaters. This one is a gray with silver threads throughout it. My mom kinda wants it for herself. :)

And sadly, these two sweaters that are REALLY cute ....uhhh .... shrunk. We washed them even though you aren't supposed to and what do you know... they actually shrunk on me! The nerve! They are also made with hair so the natural fibers were not feeling the whole washing process. Which suck cause I really like both of them. The purple one is actually a great shade of purple and the pink one seems to be very well-made. I stretched them back out some but they are a bit snug. I don't know what I am going to do with them.

Lastly, for this post, I went to Forever21 real quick while I was visiting the brother's girlfriend at work. Here's what I got:

I hope that it was all that you imagined... hahaha just kidding but thanks for reading! 

Monday, November 14, 2011


So I wanted to show you the hairstyle I tried out on Wednesday. Let me just say that  although I pretty much refuse to cut my hair because I want to maintain it's length (I haven't gotten a real cut since the 7th grade when someone told me I should have never cut my hair-and I felt the same way :(... The bangs are semi-new though), I am however adventurous and will try different kinds of styles with it and wear wigs to change things up too. Anyways I saw this little tutorial on Pinterest that I can no longer find for some reason on this little braid up-do. I got a lot of compliments on it at work... even though the back looked horrible lol. I just braided two pig tails and then wrapped them around my head and secured them to my head in the back. (The securing was way obvious though which is what made that part look horrible)

 Also, I would like to just say that I really hate those rare moments when you look in the mirror and aren't completely dissatisfied and think "hey I look kinda okay right now" or even "I look good right now!"... So you try to take a picture for future reference that you in fact are capable to look decent sometimes and then you look at the picture and you just think "nevermind". Maybe I am super nonphotogenic or something but I really can never get my pictures to look like what I see in the mirror (which isn't always a bad I suppose =/)


Hey guys...

I know I am lagging on taking pictures for the part 2 of my last post. So sorry I just have been not in the mood and feeling blah lately so I have trouble getting motivated to try different things on AND take pictures of myself in them.  But I will, don't worry. Anyways I thought I would share this outfit of the day with you. I wore this last Thursday on my day off when my mom and I went to Round Table lunch buffet, the bank (for a long time) and a thrift store. This is actually one of the sweaters I got from my last visit to the thrift store. I feel like I liked how it looked a lot better in person. =/ I think my phone is not the best to be taking pictures with but let me just tell you.. my shoes were looking cuuuute! LOL I couldn't stop looking at them! I want to get them in the taupe faux suede so badly! And I want some real pairs too but I won't even begin to get into that.

 Sweater - Thrift store
Leggings - Lauren Conrad for Kohl's
Spike Earrings - Burlington Coat Factory
Shoes - (Lita Knock-Offs) GoJane
Thumb Ring - H&M
Other rings - Auction

Oh and I just used my Camouflage Material Girl bag that's not shown in the picture.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Busy Weekend, Part 1

Hello Friends! :)

I had a pretty good weekend (minus the cramps!) ... I think that extra hour for daylight savings time really helped! So let's get into it, shall we?

Friday, after work finally ended, my mom and I knew already that we planned to go to Target for a couple things. However, we heard that Nordstroms was having a sale and we wanted to check to see if the Litas were on sale! =) ... But then on the way to do THAT ...lol we decided to check out a couple thrift stores! They were on the way and we had both been wanting to go thrifting for awhile. We went to the two that we are familiar with. I forget the name of the first one but we always find good stuff in it but the people who work there are kind of rude. Then we went to The Salvation Army.. we don't usually find too much there, and it's really religious so we don't really care for that. However, I found some good stuff within the like 15 minutes at the first place and almost an hour at the second. (The clothes portion of this haul will be in part 2)

Anyways, then we headed to Nordstroms to check on the Litas. It took awhile but we eventually found a few! I found the taupe ones and omg they are gorgeous!!! The didn't have them in my size though. I tried on a 9.5 in them and loved them. I was so sad to not get them. My mom tried on a weird colored pair in her size and realized she would need to go a half size up because the front hurt her feet. Sorry I forgot in the crazy haze I was in to take a picture to show just how phenomenal they looked!

So then we left and went to Target. I had to get a baby shower gift for my friend's baby shower that was on Saturday. There was very little that I could find from the registry in the store, so I got what I found. I also picked up this $5 Elf "natural eye" eye shadow set, some Vitamin E oil, some bio-oil (that I plan on returning because it was just too much and I found something that is like the same thing and half the price from a different brand). And I got two CDs: the new Wale "Ambition", and I finally got the Big Sean "Finally Famous" because it was finally on sale! They were both $9.99... I believe that was it from Target. (It was more expensive than it looked)

And here is a gorgeous rainbow that we saw on the way home that we loved and wanted to take pics of.

Saturday, I felt like hell, but eventually got out of bed (after watching my 90210 reruns) and got dressed to go to my friend from high school's baby shower. We literally havent seen each other since high school and she is married now and lives in Las Vegas and is almost about to pop! That was a lot of fun just seeing her even though I didn't know any one else there and kinda got lost on the way there. lol (And it was only in South Natomas-and I live in North Natomas!) But this is the outfit I wore ... which Burch helped me choose. ( Thank you! =)) I went for the Native American look. The first picture -please excuse my chubby face, I was trying to show the cute earrings. Oh and look you can see my precious Michael Scofield's feet next to mine in the body shot-he loves to be around me! So anyways, I was exhausted when I got home and it was raining so I put my sweats on and watched some TV alone for the night. It felt pretty good being all cuddled up with my kitties while it was raining.

Sunday, I got that extra hour of sleep! lol Then got dressed and went with my brother to pick up Casey (his gf) so that we could head to South Sac to go to the auction. Here's what I got:
In the picture on the left, I got 5 rings, 4 bracelets (bangles), and the camouflage bandana they are laying on. And the picture on the right are two more rings (I am highly obsessed with rings!) The bow and Native Chief head on the right are an enormous size for me and I wear the bow on my thumb and Chief guy on my middle finger (but they are super loose). All for a dollar each.

The last thing I got at the auction was these harem animal print pants. I saw them on a mannequin and had to have them. I only saw one pair and they were in the size I would choose! And I am modeling them here with my Lita knock-off that I am still in LOVE with!! There were other cute things too but not that I wanted to spend money on I guess. =/

Then we went to Chili's for lunch and my brother paid for us. =) ... The food was really good too!

Then we went across the street to the movies where I took this double date picture with the Twilight cardboard. lol... (I can't wait to see that! )...and we saw Paranormal Activity 3. Which btw was super scary and I almost wanted to cry at one part! Even my brother was scared! Hahahaha...(We were joking with him about it afterwards)

Then we went to Target (again I know) because Casey and I wanted to. I have been wanting some lavendar scented baby lotion (or a generic version) and forgot the last time I was there. And I saw some no more tangles that I wanted too, and a pair of blue jeans I have been looking for (Part2). So we ended up deciding we were going to go to Walmart afterwards to look for a couple things Target didnt have so I put down the no more tangles and Target brand lotion. Thinking I would find it hopefully for cheaper at Wally World. No such luck. What a disappointment. So I got this generic brand of no more tangles and some really inexpensive liquid eyeliner that I have been wanting to try and a few other things. (Like medicine for my mom's headache and a sweater)
So there is Part 1 of my weekend (well it is all of it minus the clothes haha) I might get a chance to go BACK to Target tonight to exchange the Bio-oil and maybe get their baby lotion.
Wish me luck! =)


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lita Knock-Offs

So I  have been obsessing over these Lita knock offs. I have seen so many bloggers with them and pictures of them and I absolutely love them and how they make outfits look! So I did a little research and found a site that had the knocks for much cheaper than the Jeffrey Campbell $160 version! I found them at this site, and they get sold out and come back in stock a lot so you have to find them on the right day. They also have them in a suede-like material in other colors (I kinda want them in suede and fuschia), and they also come in a leopard print that I really like but haven't seen them come back in stock with my size for those. Well these shoes have been running through my mind constantly. I was so sad when they came back in stock but then disappeared before I ahd a chance to get them. (I was trying to wait for pay day)...BUT! Lucky for me! My mom's bf Rocky was looking to get me something for watching his kitties while he was on vacation! Him and my mom were sneaky and when they were back in stock had got them for me! He gave them to me last night, I can not tell you how excited I was, I just love and adore them! And they are very comfortable.

 Here are some pictures of the real ones:

Pinned Image

They have them in a shload of colors too!

Here are some fellow (and loved) bloggers wearing the beauties!:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

And here are the ones my mom kinda wants :)

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