Monday, November 14, 2011


Hey guys...

I know I am lagging on taking pictures for the part 2 of my last post. So sorry I just have been not in the mood and feeling blah lately so I have trouble getting motivated to try different things on AND take pictures of myself in them.  But I will, don't worry. Anyways I thought I would share this outfit of the day with you. I wore this last Thursday on my day off when my mom and I went to Round Table lunch buffet, the bank (for a long time) and a thrift store. This is actually one of the sweaters I got from my last visit to the thrift store. I feel like I liked how it looked a lot better in person. =/ I think my phone is not the best to be taking pictures with but let me just tell you.. my shoes were looking cuuuute! LOL I couldn't stop looking at them! I want to get them in the taupe faux suede so badly! And I want some real pairs too but I won't even begin to get into that.

 Sweater - Thrift store
Leggings - Lauren Conrad for Kohl's
Spike Earrings - Burlington Coat Factory
Shoes - (Lita Knock-Offs) GoJane
Thumb Ring - H&M
Other rings - Auction

Oh and I just used my Camouflage Material Girl bag that's not shown in the picture.


  1. Cute! It is a great outfit for running errands! Warm but not too hot when you go inside ;) Weather here has been kinda up/down. lol

    Shoes look amazing on you!! And yeaaaaaaa girl you need a new camera:)

  2. Thanks!

    Yeah totally! The weather has been unpredictable so this is a good in betewwn outfit.

    I know. :|


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