Monday, November 14, 2011


So I wanted to show you the hairstyle I tried out on Wednesday. Let me just say that  although I pretty much refuse to cut my hair because I want to maintain it's length (I haven't gotten a real cut since the 7th grade when someone told me I should have never cut my hair-and I felt the same way :(... The bangs are semi-new though), I am however adventurous and will try different kinds of styles with it and wear wigs to change things up too. Anyways I saw this little tutorial on Pinterest that I can no longer find for some reason on this little braid up-do. I got a lot of compliments on it at work... even though the back looked horrible lol. I just braided two pig tails and then wrapped them around my head and secured them to my head in the back. (The securing was way obvious though which is what made that part look horrible)

 Also, I would like to just say that I really hate those rare moments when you look in the mirror and aren't completely dissatisfied and think "hey I look kinda okay right now" or even "I look good right now!"... So you try to take a picture for future reference that you in fact are capable to look decent sometimes and then you look at the picture and you just think "nevermind". Maybe I am super nonphotogenic or something but I really can never get my pictures to look like what I see in the mirror (which isn't always a bad I suppose =/)


  1. Wow that looks great! I wish there was a pic of the back though! lol Your hair is so smooth and pretty, very nice condition! The big braids fit well with you and your face shape!!!

    How long did it take to do that?

  2. HA! ... it took about 4 minutes.

  3. That's super cute friend I'm jealous of your long hair!!!

  4. I love love love this! I am jealous of your straight hair! LOL


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