Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Harvest Festival/Breaking Dawn

So over the weekend, I went to the Harvest Festival with the fam bam and to see Breaking Dawn....as you can probably tell from the bag I am using. (Which btw some lady asked me where I got it and was disappointed when I told her it came with the movie when I preordered it.) I absolutely looooved Breaking Dawn, for sure the best one yet and this is coming from someone who knew what was going to happen already from reading the books. It was great! I can't wait to see the last one and kinda want to see this one again. hahaha...

So anyways, the Harvest Festival was fun. We got to do a lot of taste testing and my mom picked up some really yummy things to have at home. I found a really pretty necklace for my mom, she was with me though so I had to just get it for her as a Christmas present and she could have it early. She wore it for the rest of the day. It's a really pretty dragonfly necklace-very different than the ones she already has. That was all I got though. The lady from Etsy wasn't there this time, she was my favorite the last time. There was a lot of people there and I think it may be where I picked up this cold/sore throat I have. :(

This tall guy was walking around singing Elvis and messing with people, obviously me the shyest one of the bunch had to get talked about. He said he loved my boots and made me a flower bracelet to go with it.

And my mom and I took these pics in the photo booth at the movies. =)


 Thanks for reading!


  1. ohhhhh cute pix!!! Love your shoes :) Glad you liked the movie! I haven't seen it yet and I wanna wait for it to be out on DVD! It was a tad distracting to watch the previous movies in the theaters because girls were always yelling, lol. I didn't even know there was harvest festival, man I suck!

  2. Thanks Josie! I got the shoes a few years ago at walmart! They had them in hella different colors (no white however-the color I have been lusting over!)for like 12-15 bucks! I have them in black, hot pink, and gray. The movie was GREAT in the theaters and I didnt find the side comments distracting at all in my theater. It was soooo good!!! The harvest festival is just an annual place kinda like the flea markets/auctions but kinda more expensive and nicer things and more food lol... there doesnt seem to be too much promotion for it. We thought we had missed it and had to look it up.

  3. I love that that guy picked on you and made you a flower!!! Sounds fun, friend!

  4. It was fun, except I got super embarrassed and probably turned bright red from everyone looking at me when he was picking on me. =\


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