Thursday, November 17, 2011

Part II, as promised...

So here is the part two post that I promised a few blogs ago. I haven't been in the mood to do some things recently and just going through stuff. But this part two has been kind of hanging over my head lol so not to worry, here are the pictures! =) ...

First up, there was the original two thrift stores I went to with my mom.This top I wore in an OOTD already and a few other times. I really love the length and feel, it's so comfortable! If only I could find one in black! lol

I got this hot pink 80s looking sweater, I also have one in green exactly the same I got a few years back. My mom hates it because of how 80s it looks. I love the 80s though. =)

I found this really long gray sweater that has some type of wool in it. It doesn't go all the way around me though and looks almost more like a cape when on but I still really like it! My mom actually got a pretty similar one recently for almost 10 times the amount I paid so that is pretty cool for me too. lol gotta love thrifting!

I actually found this really cute black knit fringed vest at the last second as I was on my way up to the register to pay because they were about to close. It was a great find and fits really nicely.

Lastly, at this thrift store, my mom found this cute headband for me that she thought would be great for my hair color and everything. ... and she was right! =) It looks homemade too so thats a plus.

So the second thrift store we went to that night I found a couple more awesome things!

I found this maxi skirt with red and purple roses on leopard print that I thought was really cute. For my more hippy days.

And I found these two oversized blazers too!! I really love them and think the beige one on the left would look GREAT with the taupe knock-off litas that I want. ;) I like to roll the sleeves up on the black one because with them down, it looks very boxy and not as cute. I actually like to scrunch the sleeves up above my elbows. Its cute.

I believe I also mentioned how I got the blue jeans from Target that I have been wanting and searching for. They are a lot more royal in person. But nice and stretchy. $22.99.

THEN! hahaha... I went to another thrift store with my mom that was HUGE! I wasn't exactly prepared to go so I had on heels and wasn't completely in the mind set to think of creative ways to wear everything but I did find these sweaters. This one is a gray with silver threads throughout it. My mom kinda wants it for herself. :)

And sadly, these two sweaters that are REALLY cute ....uhhh .... shrunk. We washed them even though you aren't supposed to and what do you know... they actually shrunk on me! The nerve! They are also made with hair so the natural fibers were not feeling the whole washing process. Which suck cause I really like both of them. The purple one is actually a great shade of purple and the pink one seems to be very well-made. I stretched them back out some but they are a bit snug. I don't know what I am going to do with them.

Lastly, for this post, I went to Forever21 real quick while I was visiting the brother's girlfriend at work. Here's what I got:

I hope that it was all that you imagined... hahaha just kidding but thanks for reading! 


  1. I REALLY need you to start putting these all together and showing pics of you in them in outfits... It helps me visualize more, plus I LOVE to see your creative side with your outfits and this picture taking of the individual pieces isn't working for me. And it's all about me... so? :o) XO

  2. ugh.. I gave you one outfit picture, and also I don't look good in pictures. AND if you were around the Northern Cali... you would see them in person which is best anyways! lol =)

  3. Um I totally agree with burch I would love to see how you would actually wear these....I really like the sparkle thread sweater and the blazers :)

  4. LOL thanks... this post would have taken a LOT longer had I tried to take a good picture with all teh clothes on...

  5. Ohhh! You got a lot of goodies! I love the middle 2 earrings a lot! I can't wait to see you rock the 2nd pair though!

    All the sweaters look so warm, totally ready for this weather! The gray one looks really cute! And I love the blazers, you got such a great deal on those, lucky!!!

    It sucks those sweaters shrunk! You'd think if you bought them at a 2nd hand store they'd already be washed/preshrunk! Maybe try stretching them out a bit more?

  6. Thanks so much! :)

    I was wearing the second to the right earrings today! You probably couldn't see them past my hair or faux fur... hahaha.

    I was really excited about the blazers too! And I love to find chunky sweaters at thrift shops, they always have a lot of sweaters it seems.

    Yeah, it does suck... =/ we'll have to see what I can do about the shrunken treasures. :)


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