Thursday, December 1, 2011

Late Thanksgiving Post

Happy late Thanksgiving!

So I have been sick since that day I went to the Harvest Festival, I don't know if I picked something up there or what but I have been feeling really yucky. But thankfully I gained back my appetite enough to indulge in the wonderfully delicious food my mom made us for Thanksgiving (I helped a little). Here is my plate of grub from that evening. The before and after... :)

Clockwise from the top is green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, faux turkey (Quorn brand), (vegetarian) stuffing, cranberry sauce, and in the center I have corn...and mushroom gravy on all of it. hahaha.. mushroom gravy might be the only gravy we have come across without any meat product in it. The fake turkey was really good and my mom kept it a secret and surprised me with it! That was pretty awesome since I have been missing out on the "main dish" since becoming a vegetarian 4 years ago.

Here is the little outfit I wore, I like to dress themed. Lol

And here are a few pieces I have picked up recently and didn't get a chance to blog about.

This is a dress that came with a beanie (lol I love when they come with a little extra something) that I got in a 2X to be loose and kinda hangy from dd's.

This is a REALLY cozy sweater that I love from Walmart. It's a V-neck and has ruching on the sleeves and is really stretchy. I got it in a oversized size just so it would be more loose and not so fitted.

I also got this cute little poncho from dd's. (The one I wore on Thanksgiving)

And I got this "Sweet November" sweater at this AMAZING Forever21 in Modesto. It was huge, 3 stories and totally fabulous. I got several rings and this sweater. I have been wanting a black stole like the one I got from H&M but wasn't seeing any sold alone so I was on a mission to find a removable one from a fairly priced sweater. I found it at the last minute, right before giving up and going back downstairs to check out. It's cute and double breasted with different colors in the knitting. 

Thanks for visiting!

Ps...The faux turkey really did taste like turkey! =)




  1. I am loving the before and after pic of your plate. Awesome... this blog is very much you... grubbin' food, cute outfit/hair, and shopping! <3

  2. LOL Thank you! It was a pretty awesome weekend with no work and all this lovelyness! =)

  3. That's soo sweet of your mom to surprise you with the faux turkey!! I loveeee your hair!!!! You got some good finds, esp that jacket!!

    You know... They should totally open a F21 in the shopping center near Target. Like, take over that old Center Court restaurant. Then that place would have business again and we don't have to drive to the mall.

  4. It WAS very sweet of her and awesome! I actually just made myself a turkey sandwich last night with the last of it last night! IT was so good!

    I totally agree! I always say how Natomas needs their own F21!! There isnt a whole lot of parking over there but they could totally put it right there! How amazing that would be! LOL

  5. you totally stole my idea with the picture of the food...poser!

  6. lol oh my bad, did you want credit for that? I'm pretty sure you arent the original person to post a before and after thanksgiving plate pic..lmao...where did you put your pics?


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