Monday, December 19, 2011

Ugly Sweater Contest

I went to my aunt's place yesterday for our family holiday get together and there was an ugly sweater contest. My mom and I had a difficult time finding a regular Xmas sweater that was ugly due to so many people buying them out of thrift stores for their respective contests. So my mom and I found these green and red/burgundy matching sweaters to create ugly sweaters. We went to Dollar Tree and got the supplies and Saturday we decorated. I now think we should have just used hot glue because instead we just sewed everything on which was a pain in the ass and took forever. Also because of the sweater being so loosely knit, so many things would just fall right off afterward. We both have a naughty and a nice bird on our shoulders. Garland at the hem and a bunch of silly other things all over. I also used a big red bow on my back for a little something extra. For the contest there were two categories: Most Original and Most Decorative. Another small family had a bunch of the same things hot glued on their sweaters because they also went to the Dollar Store. My mom and I were a team however and had that going for us. The dad from the other family that looked similar to ours won for most original. (=-/) And we won for most decorative. 15 dollar gift card for Target! =) 

We also just so happened to have three different families bring green bean casserole, which was pretty funny and we were going to have a contest for that just because it was funny but I guess they said they were too similar. (Mine was the best though)... And we did a White Elephant exchange which was pretty fun, more fun than the one I did at work! All in all, pretty successful!


  1. Those are hideously fabulous! :o) I love the birds on the shoulders too!

  2. Dang, those are crazy!!! lol, love how you guys are matching though! The birds on the shoulders are cute but insane and so are your guys head gear!! haha

    Does look warm though, lol


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