Wednesday, January 4, 2012


So I know it's taking me forever to post my Christmas post, but here it is. I have just been really busy and trying to learn some things.

First I will tell you about the weekend, I went to visit my grandma on Friday with my brother and his GF. That was nice, seeing her and spending some time with her before the holiday. Saturday is OUR day. We do presents that night and it's pretty much our Christmas. We never do much on the actual Christmas Day. Our tradition for food is that we always just eat a bunch of appetizers instead of a big meal with ham or whatever. So right before we were about to do presents, my brother gets a phone call about my grandma not doing well and was in the ER. That kinda put us in a weird mood for the night, in addition to this being our first Xmas without Bobby Mittens. He was an amazingly special cat of ours that passed away a couple months ago. We had him for a long time and he loved playing in the wrapping paper and ribbons. I miss him SO much!! I don't want to say too much about it because it makes me really sad but my brother and his GF got my mom a purse as one of her presents and they had a picture of Bobby's face put on it. Let me just say, it was definitely a moment for the family.


*cough, cough* On a lighter note...

Sunday, my aunt and cousins came over and played games.

(BTW, my grandma is doing fine and back at her regular nursing home) 

Here is one of the many peace symbols displayed in the Xmas lights in the Fabulous 40s area downtown. I thought it was really awesome!

And the main reason I have been taking so long to put this blog up...

I got a camera!! .....And I am trying to figure out how to use it and get the hang of it. (Not to mention I couldn't use it the first night because it needed batteries we didn't have, then when we got batteries, it needed to get a memory card - so it took a while.)

(Gift from Momma)

Found this at Kohl's recently for my camera.
On to my other prezzies...

Betsey Johnson bags from Momma.

Fashion books, middle from Rocky, other two from Momma
These two tops are from my brother and his girlfriend (Casey).

"Ello Love!" top from Rocky, Fringe bag from Momma

My Vera Wang corduroy leggings in purple! I have the whole collection of colors now I think! From Momma

Leopard bag necklace from Aunt, 2 other necklaces from Rocky.
Gold Sparkle eye liner/Betsey Johnson earrings/Snake wrapped hoops/pink lipstick/compact powder-Jeff and Casey
Glossy eyeshadow-Momma
Spiked earrings-Me :)

Kim Kardashian set-Jeff and Casey

Hocus Pocus-Momma, Leopard Mood Light-Rocky


Curling wand and (bow and bird) rings - Aunt

Now, here are a few things I got for myself either right before or after Xmas:
Mullet Striped shirt and Black wool cozy sweater - Urban Outfitters

Leopard skull front/cut out back -Hot Topic

"Fashion is my Religion" sweater/Burgundy (chiffon/knit)maxi-Forever21

Leg warmers/feather earrings - Target
Tribal necklace/spiked ear wrap around - Forever21
Eye ring - Ebay
My first Yankee Candle!! Clean Cotton - Yankee Candle

And I thought I would throw in an OOTD. This is what I wore the day before NYE at work.
black faux fur - off a Forever21 sweater
burgandy velvet jacket/shirt - Thrift Store
sequined top - Forever21
black shorts - Forever21
tights - Alloy
red ruffle socks - pole dance store
shoes -
rings - GoJane/Forever21

And here is my best friend's daughter Rubi. She was very into her game and didn't want to take a picture so this was the best one I got. =)


  1. OMGoodness! So much new, fun stuff! How do you choose what to wear and use! LOL

    I absolutely love your mom's bag and am glad to hear your grandma is back home and doing OK.

  2. LOL it just kinda comes to me...depends on my moods and what I will be doing that day. =)

    Thank you!!

  3. Glad your grandma is fine and well!

    But yea you got a ton of goodies!!! A ton of cute clothes, and I love all the necklaces! way too cute! I can't wait to see your hair with the curling wand! Will you elaborate more on it when you use it??

    And omggggggggg I totally freakin called it on the camera!!!!!!! lol I just kept getting ~this feeling~ you would get one!! hahaha :) But I hope I didn't spoil it for you!!

  4. thank you Josie!

    hmmm... I havent even tried to use the wand yet and depending on how well I can use it, I might post something about it. =)

    LOL no, you didn't spoil it for me. I even told my mom about how you were saying you had a feeling I was going to get one. hahaha so funny!

  5. hahaha! I just couldn't shake the feeling! What did your mom say?? Did she have a poker face about it? :)

    When I cut my hair the lady helping me curled it with a wand. It looked easy to use but I definitely recommend using the glove at the beginning, cos it looks like it can burn ! lol But it also took a really long time, and I probably have half or a quarter of the hair you do! It will come out so beautiful with your long hair!!!

  6. Yeah, well she just thought it was strange lol...

    Thanks! ... I saw one of the bloggers I follow use a wand and LOVED how it came out and wanted to get one to try so I need to now actually try it out!

  7. Jenna.. I want your Ello love shirt (is it a cropped shirt?) ,your mullet stripes shirt, leopard skull ( the back is killing),and of course the curling wand...
    This picture makes me bite my finger... hahahahaha...

    1. LOL you're awesome! Yes the Ello love shirt is kind of cropped, not too much though. The mullet top was on sale! And I totally fell in love with that top the instant I saw it! Thanks so much! I love your skull printed tops on your blog too!!

    2. Have you posted your pic with that mullet top??
      I wanna see it.. hahahaha..

      thank you jenna..
      but,now I confuse what should i wear for my next post.. hahahah..

    3. I have not posted an outfit post with that top yet, I should work on that now that you mention it hahaha...

      Oh I'm sure I will love your next post! <3


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