Friday, January 20, 2012

MLK Goodwill

Hello Dolls!!

So as some of you thrifters may know... for the Dr. Martin Luther King (who I think is awesome!) holiday on Monday, Goodwill was having %50 percent off sale!! There were a couple exceptions, such as the new arrivals that weren't previously owned such as candy and things next to the register, and also pink tagged items that I believe said Jacobs on them. But those were few and far between and the whole rest of the store was 50 PERCENT OFF!! For a thrifter, that's pretty awesome.

So my mom and I made a route, we had about 10 or so on our list and scratched off a couple because they just weren't close to any of the others and would be out of the way. We ended up making it to 5 stores.

Here's how that went:

  1. The first store felt overwhelming and I couldn't really find anything and the things my mom did find, weren't worth waiting in the long line for. On to the next.
  2. Second Goodwill we hit was actually pretty good! The line was CRAZY but the items were better. My mom immediately found an XBOX for her boyfriend who had been looking for one. 50 bucks originally and 25 for us. Major steal! Then I found a pair of denim high waisted (not that high) shorts (I have been on a search to find cute denim shorts that I could wear with tights). And a cute houndstooth coat with big sleeves and a big collar for $5. My mom continued to look while I waited in line. Where I just so happened to find a really cute shift dress from The Gap with pockets!

3.   The third place we went to was a by-the-pound type of Goodwill and we weren't feeling that so we were on to the next one. By this time it was getting late and we aren't sure how many more we wanted to go to. It was an all day event, I tell ya.
4.   The fourth place was pretty good again. We found different stuff  like kitchen supplies and such. OH! I forgot to take a picture but I got this cute square pillow with two ghosts on it that says "Boo". (Halloween is my FAVE!), But I also got a big dark blue glass just because I liked how big it was (50cents), a cat toilet brush holder, some soup bowls that I constantly use because I love the handles (50cents each), and lastly a nautical cardi (the pic looks black but the stripes are navy) for my more preppy days.

5.   At this point we almost went home but were determined and decided we would try ONE more place, because this was getting exhausting! (My mom was also finding tons of good stuff!) Good thing we went to the last one because we had the most luck there! I found a sit n' spin for Rubi, a pot and a vegetable steamer for when I have my own place, a wood silverware holder for a drawer (that I forgot to take a pic of), 4 Crate and Barrel plates and 4 mini Crate and Barrel plates (2 white and 2 blue of each) (50cents each), a 12 cup mixing bowl/pourer, 3 more pairs of high waisted denim shorts (the bottom right aren't high waisted and don't fit yet, a men's black sweater-just for a thin over-sized look, a black Target dress, and some purple and black houndstooth stirrup leggings that I thought were awesome. Lastly, I got a couple boxes of my favorite incense for full price (like a buck fifty).


Thanks for viewing!


  1. I freakin LOVE that you got pots and stuff like that. that kitty toothbrush holder is SUPER cute!

    1. LOL... I actually found a good set at Walmart that I want to look for. But I like the random unique vintage looking stuff too! Thaaanks! It actually holds the toilet brush but my mom is jealous and wants one too!

  2. Yay houndstooth! I wish I'd know Goodwill did this!

    1. I love houndstooth too it feels like such a versitale print. I should have made a post to let people know about this awesome Goddwill day I'm sure they will do it again!

  3. I love the following:

    the cute shift dress from the gap
    both houndstooh items (especially the stirrup leggings!)
    the cat toilet brush holder
    the pots
    the soup mugs (I LOVE SOUP MUGS!)
    the blue cup!

    Of course, all finds are great! It sounded like a fun and exhausting day. I would have loved to tag along!

    1. aww you like the stirrup leggings?! thank you! They are so funky, I feel like they are for a specific type of style. lol...
      I looove soup mugs too! Aren't they perfect?!

      Aww that would have been so fun!

  4. Whoa! I wish I knew they had that big sale! Also the per pound is the Goodwill Outlet (I'm guessing!). There is one off Madison, and one in South Sac some where.

    You got such a haul, esp. the house stuff!!! Really liking the first dress a lot! Can't wait to see you rock it!

    1. I know! I'm sorry... I thought you would have know, I should have texted you about it! But yeah that must have been the Outlet. Is that the one you went to?? It was off of Date from Madison.

      Thanks! It was a good thrifting day!

    2. Yes! That's the one I went to! :) You just have to be lucky! I bet during that sale it was wayy difficult, with all the resellers there and all. They get aggressive and crazy! But if you have time to kill during the weekdays then ya, you can get sooo lucky!


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