Tuesday, January 24, 2012

oh yeah...

So I forgot to take a couple pictures from My Goodwill Haul and I thought I would show them. This adorable ceramic pig was super cheap and I shall put her in my kitchen because I am a vegetarian, and she will remind me why I don't want to eat poor piggies. I haven't named her yet. But I will. She originally came with a pink ribbon around her neck and some weird other stuff glued to her back. I would like to put a leopard print ribbon around her neck. She's so cute!

So it turns out that pillow doesn't say "Boo" on it and I made that up. But here it is-super comfy. And the thing on the right was really hard to try and get visible. Its like a cherry wood colored silverware holder.


I FINALLY found the neon purse I KNEW Target had but tried to pretend they didn't. I saw it in the picture on an advertisement for the collection in the store. But online and in the stores weren't trying to let me buy one! So when I was in Modesto on Sunday visiting my Grandma, that Target had one... ONLY one! And I snatched it up immediately!

While I was there, I got my copy of Kevin Hart's Laugh At My Pain DVD. I saw this show live and did not stop laughing the entire time!!

My floral shoes came in!!!! So right after I posted about my wanting the floral shoes and my indecision on which pair to get/what to do.... my coworker decided she wanted to make an order with me so that we could get the free shipping. So I went for it and got the only pair left with my size available. They arrived on Saturday and I can't wait to wear them in the Spring and Summer. =)

 And finally, here is a pic of me on Sunday. I am not super big into football. I mean I enjoy it sometimes but I really love basketball a lot more. However, I never had a team to root for (and I do not like to just root for whatever the closest team is to me) so a few years back I saw The Blind Side as many of you may have as well, and fell in love with the story. I also read the book that the movie was based off of. The book was a lot different in that it talks a lot more about the game of football.. which got me even  more into the sport. I have loved Michael Oher's story ever since and feel that it is very inspirational. I got his NFL jersey and he is why I chose to be a Raven's fan. They sadly lost and were eliminated from the playoffs and will not be going to Super Bowl this year. But they did very well and came REALLY close! I would LOVE to see Michael Oher win in a Super Bowl!

Thanks for viewing!


  1. You made me LOL about the making up the Boo part on the pillow! I love your reasoning for choosing the Ravens! They were SO close! Too bad for the kicker :o(
    If you measure your pig's neck, I will see if I can make you a bow for it, if you want. :o)

    1. Yeah...I wonder what it was like for the kicker in that locker room after the game. =/
      Awesome!!! Thank you! I will totally measure her neck and text it to you! =)

  2. Your floral faux Litas look fab! Can't wait to see you rock those. :)

    And that neon bag is ridiculously amazing!

    1. Thanks! I can't wait for all the fun outfits with them either! =)

      I pretty much felt the same way when I saw it! I was like I NEED this now!

  3. Aww! I love the lil piggy :) We have a lot of counter space, but really it gets so cluttered with junk! I just told Jess we're clearing it up this weekend! :) I really like the silverware container. How much did you get that for? Those are usually at least $10! We got some cheapo one from Ikea, plastic. Definitely not as classy!

    Really like the neon bag! And love the shoes :) Can't wait to see what outfits you come up with!

    1. the silverware container was originally 99 cents so I got it for 50 cents! =)


  4. AWESOME floral shoes!! <3
    I'm so excited for spring now haha
    And love that neon yellow bag. :)
    Love your blog, I'm now following
    Follow me back?


    1. Thanks so much.=)

      And thank you for following!! I'll totally follow you back!

  5. Nice purse and shoes!
    Thank you very much for following and commenting :)

  6. Those shoes are so cute, love the print!
    I follow your blog now, would be lovely if you did the same:)

    X Camilla

  7. I just saw the neon bag at Target! It looks just as awesome in person.


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