Friday, January 13, 2012

Shoe Pickle

I have a couple pairs of shoes that I am just constantly thinking about and lusting for.

The first:

These black/floral wedges. I have this shoe in a hot pink and a blue. So I know how they feel and they are comfortable, especially because of the rubber on the bottom how it grips the ground when walking. However from the two sites that I know that sell them, one has gone out of stock, and the other only has other sizes.

So then I figured I could get them in this style:

The top ones are from one site, and the bottom ones are from the ever-so-loved GoJane. Again, I know how they feel because I have this style of shoe in a few other colors and they fit comfortably. (Not to mention I LOVE a real Lita and these would be a cute version of them. I only preferred the wedge bootie version better because you can see more of the print and I love the rubber on the sole.) So out of these two, I liked the bottom ones better just because they are darker and have more red on them. So I went to make the purchase of them the other night but didn't want to pay almost 10 dollars for shipping, therefore I needed my mom to add something to the shopping cart to equal 60 dollars or more for free shipping. So I'm checking out and...

...The site tells me it just ran out of my size!!!!! =-O .... The sadness. The other site with the top version is still available and are my last chance to get the floral booties I have been daydreaming about. of the sites or a separate site gets them back in stock. Ugh, I don't know what to do, really.

Next, we have the same wedge in a leopard print:

ugh... I can just imagine a black outfit with these killers on the bottom. Heaven. However, also out of my size on every site I have seen. *Super sad face*

And then...we have another pair of faux Litas from Ebay in the flag print I have been wanting:

They look shorter to me, however their listed measurements are what I am familiar with and I think they are worth it. I just have to make the actual purchase and wait for the looooooong delivery since they are currently in China.

And Lastly, hahaha you may see a trend here but these I have been wanting for a long time and are the real time Litas (that I currently have none of because, for me, they are expensive)

I just can't get over the gorgeousness of them!! If I got only one real pair of Litas, these would be them. GAHHHH the beauty!


  1. I really like the last pair in the teal/blue color. The color is gorgeous!

    As for the floral, if I had to pick I would pick the lita inspired ones, because the heel gives it a balance (to me) for the floral print. If you like this one more, I suggest you wait. That way you get what you really want, if you settle (even for something you also want, but not AS much) you will end up getting both pairs!! Or regretting it.

    The wedge with the leopard print is really cute. The American flag one is interesting (its not my style) but it's funny how you have to have it shipped from China! lol :)

    I think you should give it some time!! It will restock sooner or later!! :) If they sell out fast it means they're popular! They'd be silly not to restock :)

    1. Aren't they gorgeous though!!?!

      LOL... I actually made an order right after I made this post to get the first floral Lita inspired pair because my coworker wanted to go in on an order with me for the free shipping... But if they get the other ones in before I receive/wear the shoes, I can return them for the wedges. But I think it will be okay.

      Yeah, the leopard print wedges just seem like they would be a staple in my I need them cause they are so perfect for me. But the flag ones I super love and think would look great with tights nd shorts! But Ebay is the only place that I have found them at a decent price.

      I know... I just hate waiting for something I REALLY want. :|

    2. lol! How much do they go for? If you really like the flag ones then go for it! :) Can't wait to see you rock the floral Lita:):)

    3. Well, I am not certain which ones you were referring to when you said How much do "they" go for... So I will give a list lol

      floral wedges - 27.50
      floral faux litas - 30.00(the site now says 38.95, so they must have been on sale when I got them)
      leopard wedges - 27.50
      flag faux litas - 34.99-39.99
      turquoise Litas - 159.95

      I really love all of them...I will try to get an OOTD with the floral fauxs if they work out. =)

  2. Wow, GoJane could so easily become a huge problem for me. It's a very good thing they have so much that I can't decide, but once I got started buying there, it'd be hard to stop. Haha.

    I love all the faux Litas you have in this post. Those floral ones will be great to own! Nice pick.

    1. Haha it really is! I can want at least 3 pairs of shoes and 1 article of clothing and some accessories at any given time from that site! And then there are similar sites with almost the same shoes that totally get me too!

      Thanks! I can't wait to see how they look in person!

  3. I love these shoes. They are amazing! Great blog;)

    1. Thank you! I'm such a shoe whore! =)

  4. I love those turquois shos, I don't own a pair but I like them a lot!!


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