Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Early Xmas Gift!! =)

Hello there...

Well my mom and I were decorating last night for the holidays and so I didn't get a chance to take pics of the thrifting I did on Saturday yet. BUT! when my mom and I got home last night from work, some packages came for us! SO freaking exciting! All of our gifts we ordered for people are trickling in and it is so much fun getting them. Well something came for my mom that she planned on giving to me. But she got so excited she decided to give it to me early. =) (Which then let me give her something early that I had been wanting to just give her already cause I didn't really like it as a gift anymore anyways haha)
So anyways! Getting to the point, my mom gave me this totally awesome Buffy The Vampire Slayer Sunnydale High School class ring memorabilia! I absolutely loooove Buffy and my mom and I usually watch a couple episodes on Sunday nights when the Chiller channel plays reruns before bed. I have all but one season of the show and I also have the cross necklace memorabilia that Angel gives to Buffy. I think the ring is so cool and also because I am obsessed with rings.

Buffy Sunnydale High Class Ring Size 8 - SEARCH FOR OTHER SIZES

It's awesome! Thanks momma!!


  1. Oh wow!!! I didn't know you were such a Buffy fan! I actually have seen very few episodes, I think towards the end of the series? All I remember is her sister standing on this plank on top of a building, and really bright colors? lol I don't know! But maybe if it's on Netflix I will watch it :)

    What gift did you give your mom?

  2. You should TOTALLY watch it!! lol Or you can borrow the dvds from me! And that episode you are talking about was the one my mom and I literally just watched this last Sunday. It was such a crazy and intense episode and it makes me cry every time I see it! So weird!

    I got my mom this necklace and earrings set from the PERS craft fair that is made out of a metal that I don't think now that her skin can take very well. It has green beads on it and a dragonfly. I asked the lady that was selling it and she checked on her phone and said it would be fine but then I looked later and didnt think it would be fine. :|

  3. I'll double check for it on Netflix, since I kinda ran out of things to watch during the Winter [tv] Break lol And I'm glad that was a real episode cos I wasn't sure if I was making it up subconsciously or I dreamed it or something, I don't remember too many things (let along scenes from TV shows when I was like 12 lol)

    That sucks that she might not be able to wear it! But can she transfer the necklace and earrings on to another metal that won't agitate her skin? Or change the chain of the necklace into a ribbon?

  4. LOL yeah, it was kind of a huge episode in the world of Buffy.

    Well that just seems like a lot of work...lol And not I dont think the way the necklace was made will work for that.


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