Thursday, October 6, 2011


So okay, I wanted to share a recent online order I made from Forever21. The picture came out really dark... but this is my first post. Give me a break. I got 14 items and was stoked when they came in the mail. I am highly obsessed with rings. I got 7 rings, 3 necklaces, 2 earring sets, a neon green nail polish (that probably needs about 8 applications to be as opaque as I would like), and a set of leopard print nail files for a dollar. (Obvi I had to get them) So I got two small bow necklaces-the same, one in gold and silver. And a lightning bolt necklace that I always like when I see them on other people. The earrings-I got one pair that are bigger-than-expected vintage looking gold hearts that say "I love you" on them and the second set of earrings I got has 5 pair of small hearts (black, diamond, nude, zebra, and leopard). The RINGS! I got 2 full finger bendable rings at the bottom. 2 armor looking rings, one in gold, one silver with diamonds going down the center. The ring on the right is a gold horse-eye shaped tortoise shell ring that reminds me of Rachel Zoe and love! I have another big gold one on the left that reminds me of the Kardashian line of jewelry, or something that Rihanna would wear. And lastly I got a little spike stud ring in silver with a twisted band.
Everything (okay, maybe minus the nail polish) was a huge success!!!

 ....But I still want more rings. :)


  1. You have popped your blogging cherry! Good job! Cant wait to see what comes next. Happy shopping!

  2. Thanks friend! I'm excited! Kinda gives me a better reason to shop...hahaha


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