Monday, October 17, 2011

More luck for me than him..

So this was the weekend I was trying to get my brother's birthday gifts. Ugh, I can't even explain how frustrating that trip trying to get him what he wanted was. 2 out of the 4 things he wants were not there and I had to settle with something he will like but not necessarily asked for. He can do what he wants with them, whatever. I'm over it. I won't show what I got him just in case he happens to see this blog before his day comes.

So anyways, back to me :) ...So my mom made a trip to Kohl's on Saturday and brought me home a gift for watching the kitties while she was away on holiday.

This is the gift. It's a Zoo York men's watch in camouflage. I LOVE it and want to wear it with every outfit. It's big and bulky and has a lot of features that I had to learn how to use. Anyways-very awesome! =)

My mom also got me some leopard print duct tape so that I can try out a DIY project, however we need a bunch more and will need to go back before I try out the project. I have also been wanting some men's black over sized t-shirts to cut up and use creatively.

So then later on Saturday... I was still thinking about the jacket I wanted from Target and since the last time I saw it, there was only one left in my size, I felt like I just had to go back and see if its still there and if so, I need to get it. I also wanted to check the prices there for the t-shirts. And get my brother's card. So I asked my bff if she wanted to join me on my excursion, and she was down. So I picked her up and headed over there. And.... my jacket was still there! So I got it! It wasn't on sale and I paid more than I would have liked but I just couldn't stop thinking about it and every one I saw like it wasn't comparable to how much I loved the look of this one.

I decided I wanted to check dds before just getting the t-shirts so that I could compare prices. So we headed there next. Turns out they only have white tees. LAME! ... So I still didn't get my t-shirts for my cutting up but I did find a couple cute tops for cheap. =)

First one is this crocheted/fringe type top, which is cuter than I expected and was $7.99... It looks better in person-promise!

And the second one I got was this over sized black and grey stripey shirt, which also is cuter in person... I just really like over sized things...(tops, bags, sunglasses, jewelry-the bigger the better I say)

ps. I am wearing this top today. (Oh, and it was $5.99!)

So then it was Sunday, the day to go to the mall with the brother's girlfriend. We parked by Sears and went down the whole downstairs part of the mall, ate at Dos Coyotes, then went back across the upstairs of the mall. I saw soo many things that I loved! But I felt badly and didn't get anything too expensive because I was trying to get my brother's gifts. So what I found was some cheap jewelry from Forever 21-of course.

I found these feather earrings that for some reason I just love so much, they are quite small for my taste but I love them, and am wearing them today. I also found this necklace that I loved because I am really loving Native American style recently...

I was also looking for cute small studs that I can use in my cartilage and other piercings instead of only wearing different first hole earrings and the same other hole earrings...if you can understand what I am trying to say. So I really like the studs on the left and the crosses remind me of my inspirational blogger(she loves a cross for jewelry). And I really liked the middle flowers on the right for cartilage earrings.

Forever21 really is the cheapest place I have found for things like these. I looked in Claire's and The Icing and every other place was like $8-$15 for a small group of different earrings and Forever21 was like $2.80. So I am really happy with the cute stuff I found, however there were things I REALLY wanted to go back and get for myself!! :)



  1. I like the photos of you in the clothes this time!! I love the striped top that you're wearing today and the jacket is hecka cute!

  2. Forever 21 do the best jewellery - so cheap as well. x


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