Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Eventful Weekend

So Friday, I was way excited my mom and I were skipping Zumba to go to Roseville Galleria. It gave me extra energy to know that we would get to go to H&M which I have been wanting to go to for about a month now. This was my brother's birthday weekend so first we headed over to Icing on the Cupcake to get some AMAZING cupcakes for my brother's birthday and sat for a minute and each ate one. OMG-to die for cupcakes! Then we headed over to Stein Mart, which I had never been but my mom had some free Stein Mart money she had to use before it expired. It was interesting, I only saw a few cute things-its kind of like a more expensive Marshall's I thought. Anyways, then we headed over to the mall and it was about 7pm. We headed straight for H&M, I remember going there before and not being too impressed but for some reason this time I was loving it! Not the Forever21 cheap that I'm familiar with though.

First off, I found the thing I was going there to look for. This beautiful faux fur stole...okay I have seen several of the UK bloggers with it and they said they got it from H&M. And they are the ones I got the term "stole" from. I kinda look at it more as a collar. I absolutely love it! It looks like it could have been originally on a jacket or something but its really its own thing. I plan to wear it on sweaters, jackets, tops-any and everything really lol...okay maybe not everything. It also has a clip under the left side to either clip them together or help secure it down.

Next I found these Moccasin type boots that I have been really wanting. I wanted the Lauren Conrad version from Kohl's (on the right) but they seemed a bit pricey and they didn't fit the way I wanted them to. And the ones at H&M were about half the price. I also didn't want to them to be real suede because I am a vegetarian and try to stay away from real leathers.

Then of course I had to check out the jewelry. I got the snake ring on the right that I like as a thumb ring (as you can probably tell from the picture above.) And the small group of rings in the middle I got to use as rings for the middle part of the finger (example picture on the right). I really love them, they came with 4 silver rings (swan, feather wrap around, one with a tiny pearl, and one with a bow!) and 2 white rings (swan and a flower).

Pinned Image

Then we ate at the food court and only had time for one more store before the mall closed at 9pm, luckily our store was right across from the food court - Love Culture! So we went in there and my mom got some REALLY cute things including a black fringe across the body bag that I want to steal (hahaha) and I felt badly for spending so much in H&M (considering it is still my brother's birthday month and I had already spent plenty this month) but I had to cause I hardly ever get to go there and I had been really wanting the things I got. So all I got was the ring on the left up there that is the top part of a leopard head-which was $2.80, and resisted the rest.

Saturday my mom and my brother went to lunch and a movie and then to the mall (Arden, this time) and she again found some really cute things! Including this top she found on sale for me with my birth year on it. I think it is REALLY cute! And the flowers remind me of the ones in her tattoo so I especially love it.

While they were out I did some things around the house and rushed over to the bank before they closed to refinance my car... all by myself! lol... I know it sounds like not that big of a deal but I don't really know anything about cars and hate doing things that seem big like that by myself. It worked out though! I refinanced through Golden1 and changed from 13.95% to 3.99%, and they mentioned my credit score is good! :) Last year at this time I had no credit to my name!

Saturday night we went to the haunted houses at Cal Expo and almost died. Okay not really but we stood in line for ...an hour and a half I believe we said and there was almost a crazy fight right behind us. That may have been scarier than the haunted house. I'm not sure. But then we went inside and there were 5 separate haunted houses that you also have to wait in line for. So it was a lot of waiting but it was worth it I think because they were scary and a lot of fun.

Sunday, my mom got everyone McDonald's breakfast at the request of my brother since we rarely get it (mostly because there is no time in the morning on work days and we don't get up early enough on weekends). Then my brother had to go to a wedding with his girlfriend and I went with my mom and her boyfriend to the big Wheatland pumpkin patch Bishop's where we met up with my aunt and cousins. That was a lot of fun too, but exhausting from the corn maze and all the walking around. This was a picture of the sky on the way home, it was beautiful!

So then Monday (yesterday) I was so tired I accidentally forgot my phone at home and couldn't blog, but something my mom ordered for me came in the mail so I get to include it in this blog. I had been wanting this cute top from the Alloy catalog (I mean come on look at it, could it be screaming my name any more?! lol) and so she got it for me as also part of my gift for holding down the fort (watching the kitties) while she was away. It is thinner than I originally thought and really soft, its pretty much perfect. :)

Also, I wanted to mention that the NYC foundation that I couldn't figure out how to get out of the bottle to use in this post, is actually pretty nice! I use a Q-tip to get some out and its pretty thin (not too thick and pore-clogging) but works well and matches my skin pretty nicely.


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  1. Friend... I just love you and your blogging! Here are my comments:
    I like the snake ring as a thumb ring... I would even sport it if it was silver!
    The 87 t-shirt your mom got is hella cute, but it is such a trip to me that that was the year you were born!!
    The leopard peace shirt could NOT scream you any more. That was a perfect score!
    And I absolutely love that you "almost died" at the haunted house. LOL


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