Monday, June 11, 2012

OOTD: Party Rock


Denim white vest - Macy's Sale
Black and red leggings - F21 Clearance
Silver Reeboks - Sheikh
Black top - F21
Neon yellow bag - Target

Hey guys, on Wednesday I went to the LMFAO concert and this is what I wore. I was going to wear my Hellbounds but changed my mind because I was too exhausted...good thing too because I was standing the whole time and everyone was pushing to get close. It was a lot of fun though! La La La was my favorite song they performed and of course Party Rock Anthem and I'm In Miami was really fun to see and dance to as well.

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  1. those are some ROCKIN tights!!!! ps. I better win that giveaway :)

  2. Ummm
    1.) I didn't know you went to that concert!!! I'm a little jealous!
    2.) That outfit is PERFECT for their concert!


    1. lol i was sooo exhausted last week afterwards!...And thank you! It was the first time I wore those leggings and was thinking I have the PERFECT leggings to wear! lol

  3. Omg, those tights are PERFECT for rocking out in. I love the bold print and how you styled them :)
    Oooh, yeah, probably good you skipped the Hellbounds. Haha, that would've looked awesome but not worth it with all the standing done.
    Anyway, can't wait to see the results of this giveaway!

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  4. dang!! I wanted to go! I saw they posted tix on Groupon for $25 but missed out (sold out).. arggg!! Sounded like you had fun though and damn!!!!!!!! HIGH-tops, thats whats up lol i feel like i haven't seen people rock high tops in a while.. but i also don't go out and i don't have much friends lol

    And i really like your white denim vest!

    1. Yeah, Casey got the tickets on Groupon... I wasn't going to go but her brother had to work so I used his ticket so she had someone to go with. And YES! I freaking love high tops! I much prefer them over low tops...or mid... Something about the old school look to them.

      Thanks! I feel like I should incorporate it into my outfits a lot more! Shit...I could have worn it today.

  5. Love that bag! <3

  6. Your outfit is so fun! Those leggings look so awesome, you definitely look ready to go to a LMFAO concert! I bet they're so fun to watch live :)

    The Lovely Memoir

  7. cool outfit

  8. omg sounds so fun!!! and your outfit is soo spunky, love it!! thank you so much too jenna!! :)

  9. Cool look, Jenna. xx

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  11. Perfect party rock outfit, those pants are crazy - in a good way!! Smart move on wearing flat shoes :)

  12. How fun! I bet that was a cool concert and I love those leggings. Looks like you wore the perfect outfit for the show! <3


  13. Lucky! That concert sounds awesome!

  14. I need this bag in my life right now!


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