Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Hey guys!
Here's a collective haul of stuff I got recently (within the last month).  I love hauls and being able to look back at the stuff I got and still have and I love seeing other's hauls too.

Lavender heels clearance for $11.99!
Acid Wash oversized top - Rock & Republic

MAKE ME CHIC  (I had a coupon!)
I have been wanting white faux doc martens FOREVER!
Finally got some heelless shoes with a bit of bling.


This is actually a mustard color

This has pockets! But needs new elastic.
I have been LOVING 90s dresses and fashion, So I have been on the hunt for some classic 90s wear.


I love this dress but I feel like I need to change it up a bit and DIY it. It's a gauzy material. Any suggestions? I don't know if I should keep the crochet part on the slip liner, take out the shoulder pads? I just don't know.




I finally found a denim shirt! (Had to remove a bunch of bling tho)

long pastel sheer top
Moon and stars oversized shift dress.

My favorite find! Reminds me of 90210 and my mom!*Squeeeeeeal*


Gifts (scarves) from momma! <3>


SOOO comfortable!


Guns-N-Roses - Greatest Hits / Frank Ocean - Channel Orange
Loving both!

FOREVER21 (I had a gift card!)
houndstooth scarf, long black ring, native design triangle earrings
houndstooth top - I have been wanting this for ages!

Burgundy maxi
"The Chosen One" tie dyed crop top in reference to Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

Thanks for viewing and for all of the really nice comments! <3>


  1. LOVE the houndstooth stuff! I think I need to see you wear those heelless shoes, I can't imagine anyone standing in those :)

    1. They are so awesome! :) And thanks friend!

  2. You have such great taste in shoes! And your excitement about classic 90s clothes makes me happy!

    1. Aww it makes me excited that it makes you happy and I'm not over here loving them while everyone thinks I am crazy. hahaha

      And thank youuu!

  3. Those blinged out Mary janes are crazy awesome!

    1. THANK YOU!! I can't wait to wear them!

  4. Ummm... those heel-less shoes are IN-SANE! Please do an OOTD with them and include video of you walking. :o) You'll do it like a diva, I am sure, but I doubt I'd be able to take a step. Maybe I can do a video of me walking in them just for laughs. LOL Love the haul. Nice job!

    P.S. Is the title of this blog a shout out to Heather?

    1. LOL... idk about a video friend... but yes when I see you next we can both walk around. it's really not as bad as it seems! Thanks!!

      LOL and no, it wasn't supposed to be a shout out to Heather from NY housewives but when I typed it and see it I keep hearing her voice say it! hahaha

    2. I TOTALLY hear her every time I read it. LOL *Sigh* "when I see you next" feels like forever now. :o( XO

  5. Ooh I love the Guns and Roses shirt you got! The heel-less shoes look awesome! You have the best hauls!

    The Lovely Memoir

  6. I love your haul posts because it makes me so jealous! But in a good way! I love seeing what you find. I think I asked you this before, but what thrift stores do you go to up there? Ever since they took away the Salvation Army off Antelope Rd, I don't know where to find good vintage up there. That was always my go to place.

    Anyway, I love those heelless shoes. I can't wait to see you wear them. And for that gauzy dress, what about making it a fishtail bottom? And if the shoulder pads are too much, I cut them out. But sometimes it's nice to have a little angle up at the shoulders. Can't wait to see what you do! <3


    1. I'll leave a comment on your blog with the thrift store I go to in case you don't check back here.

      And thanks for the suggestions on how to revamp the dress!!! =)

  7. Love your heel-less shoes! are they easy to walk with? Everytime I see shoes like those I want to get them, but I'm afraid on falling and break a leg. Cool Post!


    1. Thank you! And yes, they are pretty easy to walk in... just like in regular heels, you should be careful of unstable grounds. :)

  8. I love the heels!


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