Friday, December 28, 2012


Hey guys! Christmas haul time!! I also have a few other items in addition to the Christmas things to show you as well...ready for the pics?! =)

Left: Toothbrush that sings Rihanna!
Right: Electric blanket in leopard! & Hanging jewelry holder (looks like a dress)

 Clockwise from top: Pink's New CD, "Bitch Slap Those Germs - You Think I Wont?!" Hand Sanitizer, Clinique Face Powder, Leopard Nail Clippers, Janis Joplin Hits CD, Kardashian's Dollhouse Book
Center: Maxine Calendar

Nicki Minaj Perfume Set With Laptop Holder
 Movies: Home Alone (Family Fun Edition), Nick Of Time, THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY!!!!, The Parent Trap I & II 

 Red Piggy Shaped Night Light for my kitchen, Quote Sign, Soothing Sounds Machine to help me sleep at night! =)

Rire Leopard Bow Bracelet, Silver Bow Collar Tips =)

Earring Set, Bow Necklace, Scrabble Piece Necklace w/ J

Sorry for the blurriness. :(
Buffy Earrings, Buffy Characters Bracelet, Magnet w/ Joss Whedon's quote.

Buffy (& Spike) Gloves, Buffy Symbol to put on my car.

Teller Morrow Automotive Repair Shirt (Sons of Anarchy) We all got this shirt.

Buffy Shirt!

2nd Sons of Anarchy Shirt - We're obsessed. You should see all the SOA stuff my brother got!

Light Blue Beanie, Rimmel Lip Liner in Rapture, Super Hard Gorilla Puzzle

And are you ready for my main gift? =)

Some Legit Demonia Creepers! Finally! I'm so excited to wear them all the time!

I got this Victoria's Secret Set from a White Elephant Exchange at my Aunt's. I did good!

The next three pics are items my mom brought home to me from her three week vacation/cruise.

Voodoo Doll from New Orleans, Skull with Flower Earrings/ Black and Pearl BJ Bow Earrings/ Gunmetal Crystal BJ Bow Earrings from Barcelona

Necklace from Barcelona

The next items will be from The Goodwill: Day-After-Christmas Half Off Sale.




$1.50 for movies.

Forever 21:

Black velvet stretchy pencil skirt, faux leather biker vest

I LOVE this top! And it was only $13.80.

And a dream catcher from the Dollar Tree!

Thanks for stopping by my pic explosion haul! =)


  1. Bitch slap those germs!! OMG, I'm dying. That's hilarious!! I love that leopard top at the bottom too. Very cool. You made out with a lot of stuff. And it's so you. :)

    ps. i'm sorry i miss your posts on your blog. I've added your blog to Bloglovin' twice now and it never updates me that you've posted new content. It's really irritating because it's the only feed I use to try to keep up to date on my blogs. So I'm sorry if it seems like I don't respond!

    1. Haha thank you! I was really lucky with such great presents! :) ...and no worries!

  2. um what an awesome haul!!! i super love that necklace your ma got you from barcelona! and those movies, and that SOA shirt and ok, you got a lot of awesome stuff we'll just leave it at that :)

    Please let me know how you like that soothing sounds machine...I've been thinking about getting one...

    1. LOL Thank you friend! I will play with it a little more and let you know!

  3. Love haul posts. I like reading what everyone got, because they give me ideas. I'm in love with your leopard shoes. They are lovely.
    Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Clothes for Less

    1. Aw thank you! I feel the same way!

  4. uff so many gifts! It looks like you have been a really good girl this year :)


    1. hehehe thank you! And yes, I have been! =)

  5. I spy a lot of leopard print and velvet, looks like your family knows you well! looks like a great christmas :)

    1. They totally know me! I'm easy! :)

  6. Daaang Gina! You made out! :o) I'm excited for you and your long awaited, much desired creepers! You are going to rock them like a boss! XO


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