Monday, September 17, 2012

Housewarming Part 1: Haul

Hey guys...I had my housewarming party a while back ago and thought I would share the gifts I got with you. =) I was very lucky to have so many awesome people there supporting me and it really meant a lot to see all the special faces.

 And here are the gifts...

The ever so talented Ms. Teenah made me this one shoulder tunic with white lace on top of black material and a bow, and these two so awesome reusable grocery bags. Skulls and leopard print? SO me!

 Cheeto Puffs

12 piece spice rack and leopard print picture frame.

Incredibly soft and big tan and black towels.

 Bow pillow to go with comforter set! =)

 Leopard print framed mirror.

Waffle maker!

 Fancy frying pan.

Multi-grater: Coarse, medium, or Parmesan....and a teaaaakettle!

 Super cute glass measuring cups.

Set of pans
Gorgeous zebra tableware!

And an assortment of leopard print items. =)


  1. I super love those measuring cups and the zebra print plates, those were so awesome! Oh and of course the stuff I gave you :)hahahha

  2. Happy housewarming, your friends got you just Bout everything you could possibly need!! Live the one shouldered top too. Pretty:)

    1. Thank you!!!! It was so much fun and I did get some great and unexpected things! =)

  3. What nice gifts! I especially love those super cute measuring cups and the cheetos!!!

  4. Those gifts are awesome! The waffle maker will come in so handy. Does it have the removable plates? If it does, that's even better because you can use it to grill other things. I make tuna melts on ours. :) Love that bow tunic top in the first photo. It looks amazing on you and I love the big bow! <3


    1. Oh... I don't even know. Hahaha I haven't taken it out of the box and silly me took a picture of the wrong language side of the box. LOL But yes I hope I can make some grilled cheeses or some other things on it as well too. Awww thank you Toni! :)

  5. SCHWAG! Love everything and I still owe you some gifts!! Let's shop when I am up there. We MUST hit Trader Joe's so I can show you all the good vegetarian schtuff they have!


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