Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mostly Thrift Hauller

Here's a collective haul that I have of several trips to the thrift store and a couple other places. One of the thrift stores I frequent has unexpected 99 cent clothing days where I can score a lot! And many of these pieces are from that. I can't wait for cooler weather to wear a lot of it. =)

Bracelets - Ebay

Leopard Wedges - Target on clearance / Black booties with tassel and 70s heel - Ross

Emerald & pretty purple corduroy jeggings & leopard Robe - Kohl's / Plush lined tights - Ross

Stretchy white lace Top - Ross / Leopard Button Down - Kohl's

Cozy Sweater & Knitted Vest - Thrifted

Denim Vest & Royal Purple Blazer - Thrifted

Black Sheer Fringed Kimono - Marshall's

Chanel-esque Sweater - Thrifted

Sheer sleeve Deep V back Velvet Black Dress - Thrifted ( I plan to make short)

Black Velvet Button Down & Burgandy Velvet Blazer - Thrifted

REM Black Tee & Tie Dye Tee - Thrifted

Denim Sleeveless Button Downs - Thrifted

Ruffle Dress & White (Halloween) Dress & Velvety Black Overalls & Denim Overalls - Thrifted

Plaid Top & Houndstooth Dress - Thrifted

I know it seems like a lot but it's hard to resist stuff when it's a dollar hahaha...

Thanks for visiting!!!!

PS - Have you guys heard Rihanna's new single Diamonds? OMG I'm obsessed and haven't stopped listening to it since it released.


  1. friend I saw those leopard print wedges at target and thought of you! well i guess whenever I see anything leopard print I think of you :)

    You also inspire me to go thrift-ing...

  2. Awww I love it! :) ... I also a couple other bloggers wear them and they looked really cute on them and I was like... I must have these.

    Awww YEAHHH, you totally should! I have gone a lot at lunch recently hahaha...

  3. Love that Chanel inspired jacket! And the houndstooth dress is a nice find!!! Also I HADDDDDD to tell you!! I spelled Rihanna's name wrong!! hehe

  4. Love the bracelets!

    Bright and Brunette


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